AHDI Policy for Website Advertising Minimize

General Note About Advertising

Advertising funds are used to create programs, conduct research and other such activities to promote and advance the medical transcription profession. Acceptance of advertising by the Association does not and should not be construed as endorsement or approval by the Association of the advertised service or product, and advertisers may not make such claims in any way. By choosing to purchase and/or use the services or products advertised on the AHDI site, each user expressly waives any and all rights of action that he or she may have against AHDI arising out of use and/or reliance on the information from the ads of these services or products.

Only schools with an approval designation have been evaluated by the AHDI through the Education Program Approval process, and only these schools who can make a claim of approval from AHDI. Find more information about Education Program Approval, here.

No warranties or guarantees should be assumed or inferred from any advertising by any advertiser, including AHDI-approved schools. The association accepts no liability for outcomes based on pursuit of programs, products or services as advertised on this site.

No Relationship

The information and content provided on this web site and visitor access to this website does not create a client-consultant or any other professional relationship.

Technical Issues

The Association does not endorse, approve, certify or control the external Internet addresses or Internet content of advertisers, who may have links on the AHDI site, and the Association does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, efficacy, or timeliness of the information contained on those sites outside of AHDI’s control. Every effort will be made to monitor links both internally and externally and to repair or remove links that are nonfunctional.

Ad Rejection/Review

The Association retains the right to refuse ads considered to be inappropriate or contradictory to the purpose and mission of the Association. The Association retains the right to decline any submitted ads or to discontinue posting of any ad previously accepted. The Association reserves the right to not link to or to remove links to other web sites.

An ad will be rejected if (in the opinion of the Staff and the Advertising Review committee) the ad is considered inaccurate, in bad taste, fraudulent, misleading, or deceptive, or would not benefit the membership. Decisions of the Staff and Advertising Review committee are final. Advertisers may submit a revised ad for placement.

AHDI reserves the right to change these policies at any time.

Ad Placement

No ads may be placed on the following pages:

  • AHDI home page
  • AHDI Help Desk or associated help pages
  • Pages with suggestions/content related to selecting an educational program
  • Any page containing information concerning the Education Approval Process
  • AHDI Forum home page

Rotational banner ads are available in the sponsored forum sections, and in the ad slot at the top of each page not restricted from ad placement. Advertising is also available in the Buyer’s Guide section.

Ads will be accepted from all schools but this policy may be revised in the future. Schools that have received approval will be marked clearly and conspicuously with a "seal" or "ribbon" designating their approval status.

Ad Content

Advertising Review committee will preview and approve all ads before placement on the AHDI site to ensure compliance with the following web advertising policies:

  • Ads must promote transcriptionists in a professional manner and comply with accepted standards of practice and HIPAA guidelines.
  • Ads must not be deceptive or misleading by either statement or omission. Ads must not misuse trademarks or violate the law. Ads must be factually accurate, appropriate and in good taste.
  • Ads may not contradict the mission or purpose of AHDI.
  • Ads must clearly identify the advertiser and the product or service being advertised.
  • All ads must be clear and obvious in their intent to advertise and not appear as an editorial or AHDI policy.
  • Advertisements must relate to the medical transcription industry or promote products of interest or benefit to medical transcriptionists.
  • Advertising may not influence editorial decisions or editorial content of the AHDI web site.
  • Ads may be corrected for spelling and grammar before placement on the web site.

Ad Design

Banner ads should be tasteful and not overly distracting. The ad should not obstruct the view of any web page content. Banners should not "follow" the reader, nor should the reader be forced to click the banner to close or hide the banner. Ads may not contain "mouse traps" or other code forcing the reader to divert to another web page or to download content.

Advertising links leading to another site may not frame the AHDI web site, nor should links disable the browser’s back button or prevent the reader from returning to the AHDI page. Links to other sites should be obvious to the reader and not direct the reader to a site they did not intend to visit.

For information about advertising on the AHDI website, please contact us at ahdi@ahdionline.org or by phone at 800-982-2182.