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AHDI is pleased to continue the AHDI Hall of Fame.  As part of an overarching goal to highlight and recognize AHDI members at all levels of the association who are impacting our mission, goals, and objectives, AHDI awards Hall of Fame status up to 12 members each year. These 12 HOF winners are announced at the AHDI Annual Convention & Expo and featured in association publications and on our website throughout the next year. From those 12 HOF winners, the AHDI Member of the Year will be selected by the national awards committee and announced at ACE.

The Hall of Fame winners will be selected from:

  1. Local, state/regional, and institutional Member of the Year winners whose names are formally submitted by a component to AHDI for consideration.
  2. Nominations submitted by AHDI national committee/task force chairpersons on behalf of AHDI members at large whose association work has taken place outside of a component on a national level.

How can my component participate?
AHDI is asking your component to institute an annual Member of the Year award to recognize the impact and efforts of a member in your component. It is the local, state/regional, and institutional leaders who can best assess the work and success of AHDI members at the grassroots levels of association life. The winner you choose for your component award should then be submitted to AHDI for Hall of Fame and Member of the Year consideration.

What are the requirements?
Your winner/nominee must be an individual professional member of AHDI at the national level with a minimum of 3 years’ consecutive membership history. AHDI is looking for nominees:

  • Who have demonstrated a consistent commitment to the association and its objectives
  • For whom the nomination year represents a period of unique, high-impact contribution to the association in some way

How do we submit a winner and what is the deadline for submission?
Local, state/regional, and institutional nominees should be submitted to the AHDI national office by May 21, 2010, for member year 2009. The nomination form can be downloaded below. It should be filled out in its entirety with attention paid to the items required for submission and emailed to Tina Wilson twilson@ahdionline.org:

AHDI Hall of Fame Nomination Form

We frequently hear leaders and members say that AHDI is doing such great things for the industry but we often don’t hear about all the big and small ways that individual members are helping to make that happen. We hope that the Hall of Fame program will help to bring those efforts to the forefront so that individuals can be seen and recognized for the contributions they are making to the industry and the association.

As a component leader, you can directly impact that goal by making sure your component participates in this program annually. In addition to creating a valuable recognition program at your local, state/regional, or institutional level, you can help create enthusiasm and momentum toward national recognition and future leadership.