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One of the most powerful roles a professional association can play in any industry is in the arena of advocacy. This means not only being an advocacy organization and engaging in proactive steps to create change in professional practice, policy, standards, and legislation, but also engaging members and leaders in professional advocacy on their own behalf. Advocacy means to speak up, plead the case of another, or champion a cause. Legislative advocacy, or lobbying, specifically involves influencing public policy through the legislative process. But advocacy doesn’t just mean lobbying in the legislative or political sense. It means being an agent of change in all areas where decisions are being made and policies are being established that impact the professional practice of an association’s members and the customers and clients the sector serves. In the healthcare documentation industry, the ultimate customer or end-user of services is the patient, and for AHDI and its partners, advocacy starts first and foremost with the patient’s best interests in mind.

AHDI’s strategic direction in the area of advocacy involves tracking issues that have the potential to impact patient safety, health information technology standards, allied healthcare workforce development, and health information integrity, security and confidentiality.

As health data capture and documentation evolves within the broader healthcare delivery system, it is critical for AHDI to direct its resources toward legislation and policies that will promote:

  • Patient safety and continuity of care through documentation standards designed to ensure and protect the integrity of patient health data
  • Consistent, secure and confidential capture of, management of, and access to patient health data
  • Workforce development in allied health that will ensure resource longevity in healthcare documentation
  • Establishment of a national health technology infrastructure to address patient safety, continuity of care, and healthcare delivery costs.

The advocacy section of this website is designed to provide you with a close look at AHDI’s advocacy agenda, initiatives, resources, and engagement opportunities. Click on the links below to explore those more closely:

Advocacy Agenda: View an itemized overview of AHDI’s advocacy agenda and key messages. All advocacy efforts, events, and resources are generated from this fundamental strategy guide for professional and legislative advocacy.

Advocacy Summit: Find out how AHDI members bring these key messages to legislators, policymakers, and key committees in our Nation’s Capitol each year for our annual Lobby Day.

Be an Advocate AHDI offers an advocacy training program for members and leaders who wish to become more engaged in legislative advocacy through state, regional, and local outreach. Visit this page if you want to join the Legislative Leaders Program, sign up to participate on the Legislative Issues Group listserv (open to all), or download advocacy training materials, talking points, and legislative packets.

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