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In an era of transition and change, the healthcare documentation industry faces critical challenges and decisions. Navigating healthcare reform, regulatory oversight, shifting and emerging roles, competing technologies, and the pressures of a global marketplace can be a daunting prospect for our sector. Where will transcription fit in the future of healthcare delivery? What opportunities and threats need our immediate and long-term attention? What is AHDI doing to usher our workforce and other stakeholders through these changes? Where do we need more engagement, better resources, or subject matter expertise to be successful?

The AHDI Board of Directors would propose that such challenges require a collaborative, purposeful approach – one that pulls all participants into the dialogue so that the very best solutions can be wrung out of a deliberative process. To that end, we are launching a series of open letters, Town Hall forums, and online exchanges to advance the dialogue on critical issues facing our profession today. We will be publishing “Let’s Talk About” open letters, personally drafted by our directors on key issues that we hope will spark meaningful debate, healthy discourse, and potential solutions for our sector. We’ll be posting those here in the schedule outline below and announcing their availability through our communication vehicles and social networking streams.

Each monthly Town Hall meeting will be preceded by the publication of several letters in the series that address subjects around which the Town Hall meeting will be focused.

We hope you will check back often, read carefully, and engage proactively. More than anything, we hope you will hear the heart of AHDI and its leaders through these connecting avenues and the passion and commitment of this association to initiatives, programs, and goals that truly move our industry forward.

Emerging Roles in Clinical Documentation

Town Hall Meeting: Tuesday February 15, 2011
Recording: Let's Talk About - Emerging Roles in Clinical Documentation

The Transcription Marketplace

Town Hall Meeting: Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Recording: Let's Talk About - The Transcription Marketplace

The Value of Association

Town Hall Meeting: Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Professional Credentialing – The Future of MT

Town Hall Meeting: Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Recording: Let's Talk About - Professional Credentialing

To follow and participate in the dialogue, join us in the AHDI Lounge as we explore these critical subjects.

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