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Karen L. Fox-Acosta, CMT, AHDI-F

Karen Fox-Acosta, CMT, AHDI-F, works from her home in San Diego as a healthcare documentation quality assurance editor/manager for Shumaker Transcription Services. She has been credentialed professional since 1998. Ensuring accurate and complete clinical records that are private, secure and unique to the patient is the guide star in her professional career and her leadership role with AHDI. Through advocacy and alliance development, grassroots engagement and public awareness, Karen promotes the broad medical knowledge and diverse skill sets of healthcare documentation specialists, as individuals, as a collective, and as partners with clinicians as the first line of defense in patient safety and risk management in healthcare delivery.

Karen’s recent leadership roles with AHDI include lead organizer for the AHDI Strategic Plan and subsequent work plan, member of the AHDI equitable compensation white paper subgroup, board liaison to the Advocacy and Alliance Steering and Outreach Workgroup for News and Networking (OWNN) committees. Past achievements with AHDI include receiving the AHDI Advocacy Merit of Achievement award in 2008, working as co-chair of the AAMT name change task force in 2006, and serving as AHDI/MTIA Legislative Issues Group Chair 2007/2008. She served as CAMT president in 2007, was the first to graduate from the AHDI Leadership Institute in 2007, and received her fellow designation in June 2008.

Ms. Fox-Acosta has worked with educators and legislators across California and the nation to recognize healthcare documentation as a viable career option. She has promoted career technical education at the state and national legislative arenas and encouraged state/national business technology and allied health program directors to include ACCP-approved HCD programs into their strategic plans. In 2008, Karen received an Outstanding Legislative Service Award from CBEA. She is a member of American Health Information and Management Association (AHIMA), California Health Information Association (CHIA), and San Diego Health Information Association (SDHIA), and attends local, state and regional events to stay abreast of industry trends and drivers as they relate to our critical role as patient advocates.

Jill Devrick

Jill has worked with hundreds of transcription organizations since 1995 in her career with SoftMed and 3M Health Information Systems. Through the years, she has developed expertise in dictation, transcription, speech recognition, and electronic signature technology as an implementation consultant, client support analyst, quality assurance lead, and assistant product manager. She also served for 18 months as the CEO for a new federally-qualified health center in her local community. Currently, Jill is the product solutions advisor for 3M’s eHealth Documentation Solutions software products, coordinating projects related to product development and strategy, marketing communications, client relations, and industry outreach.

Jill earned a Master’s degree in public administration with healthcare certification from West Virginia University. As a member of AHDI, she contributed to the Quality Metrics Workgroup in 2009 and the Quality Assessment Best Practices Toolkit Workgroup in 2010. Most recently, she served as the chair of the Managers and Supervisors Steering Committee. She is the author of an ongoing series of articles for AHDI’s Plexus journal entitled “The Next Big Thing.”

A telecommuter since 1998, Jill splits her time between her hometown of Point Pleasant, West Virginia, and current home of Oakland, Maryland, where she lives with her son, Quintin.

Bonnie Monico, CMT, AHDI-F
Treasurer/District 2 Director

Bonnie J. Monico, CMT, AHDI-F, Lives in Omaha, Nebraska. Working history: Currently Breitner Transcription Services, LLC, previously Celerity Solutions Group, LLS, QA/HR SpringHill Professional Services, LLC, StenTel Manager Recruiting & Retention, Medware, Inc. MT Development Manager . TRS Manager of Recruitment & Retention. Ms. Monico has been a medical transcriptionist for 37 yrs. She has maintained her CMT credentials for the past 33 years. She was one of the first 154 MTs in the United States to accomplish this 20-year CMT goal status. Ms. Monico has been instrumental in the recruiting, mentoring, MT Development processes of many MTs both inside and outside the company. She has previously been involved in the development and maintenance of quality improvement programs and has been published in many of the leading medical transcription industry publications. Ms. Monico also has a coding certificate from the College of St. Mary. She was the 1996 National President of AAMT. Bonnie has been the President and Past President of the Nebraska State Association of AHDI. She was also the CERT Connector for the former Heartland Chapter in Omaha, NE. She has served on the NCR (National Component Relations) Advisory Committee for AHDI, the Certification Development Team of AAMT, the 2005 HOD (House of Delegates) Resolution Committee as well as a member of AAMT, ASTM and MTIA. 2010 & 2011 - AHDI Speaker of the House for the House of Delegates 2010-2011 Now very excited to be the District Director for the recently created National Leadership Board 9/2011-9/2014. Recently re-elected AHDI Treasurer for 2012-2013. Bonnie is married and has two children and two grandchildren whom she adores, just ask she always has pictures!

Martha Songer, RMT
Secretary/District 3 Director

Martha graduated from an accredited AHDI school in September 2009. She is currently a Tier 2 transcriptionist/editor for MModal. Martha obtained her RMT certification in 2010.

Martha has been a member of AHDI since 2008 as a student, becoming a professional member in 2009. Martha served as treasurer for the Buckeye Area Chapter from May 2010 until September of 2011. She is currently serving as the AHDI District 3 Board Director and the 2012-2013 Board Secretary. Martha has served as board liaison for the AHDI New Professionals Alliance group and is currently serving board liaison to the KB Alliance User Group as well as a member of the Communications subgroup.

Martha resides in Louisville, Kentucky.

Sherry M. Doggett
Immediate Past President

Sherry has been in health information management and medical transcription since 1975. She has worked as a medical transcriptionist in private practice and hospital settings, as a physician practice manager and health information manager supervising transcription and other functions within the HIM arena.

She attended the University of Kentucky and received a healthcare management certificate from Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio, in partnership with her employer. She formerly served as transcription manager for The Christ Hospital, whose transcription department was chosen as the model of excellence for transcription for her multi-facility integrated delivery system located in Cincinnati, Ohio. At that time, Sherry was promoted to director of corporate transcription services and has worked in that capacity for past 16 years.

She has been a member of both AHIMA and AHDI for a number of years. Sherry joined the AHDI Board of Directors in 2007, elected to the current Board in 2009 and served two terms as Treasurer. She most recently served as co-chair and Board Liaison for the Manager/Supervisor Special Interest Group, the Board Liaison for the HOD Bylaws, Policies & Procedures, and Transition Timeline Steering Committee. She also served as Board Liaison for the EHR SIG. Sherry led a group to review potential EHR future roles for medical transcriptionist. Sherry represented AHDI on the SR Best Practices Group, a CDIA initiative. She has written numerous articles and spoken at national user group meetings.

Tamara Dicks, CMT

Tamara Dicks, CMT has worked in the transcription industry for the last 16 years working in a variety of positions from medical transcription to voice recognition editing, QA, QA auditing, trainer and team supervisor. She received her CMT in 2004. Having an interest in the industry she has been an AHDI mentor on and off through out the years and has volunteered to work as a culler for Stedman's Pathology and ENT Word Books and as a reviewer of the Book of Style 3rd edition. Tamara is actively involved in community service as a First Responder and CPR instructor for her home town. She has an Associate of Arts in Music and been a mentor and interpreter for the deaf community.

Ann Donnelly, MS, CMT, AHDI-F
District 6 Director

Ann is the owner of Transmedical Service Inc., a healthcare documentation service located in South Florida. Her experience ranges from private practice of the solo practitioner to the multispecialty group practices, diagnostic facilities and acute care hospitals. She has also worked as an instructor at one of the AHDI-approved MT schools.

Ann earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from Baldwin Wallace College in Berea, Ohio and a Master of Science in Health Services Administration from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She just recently completed training as an Implementation Manager in the HITECH Workforce Development Program at Broward College in Fort Lauderdale.

Ann joined AAMT, now known as AHDI, and became certified as a CMT in 1981. She achieved the AHDI-F (formerly FAAMT) designation in 2002. Through the years she has served in various leadership positions on the local, state and national levels. She served numerous terms as a Delegate for Florida in the House of Delegates and was a member of the AAMT Board of Directors from 1996-1998, serving as the AAMT Treasurer in 1997. She has been serving this year as the AHDI-Florida President for the second time. Ann is also a member of AHIMA.

Ann lives in Miramar, Florida. She is also involved in the "special needs" community, advocating for her son Sean and others who are unable to speak for themselves.

Susan Dooley, CMT, AHDI-F

Linda Giles

Linda is a transcription business owner who has been running her company, Transcription, Etc., for the last twelve years. She has worked in the healthcare industry for over fifteen years, working for various insurance companies as well as healthcare providers. Before she started her business, she worked as a medical transcriptionist for a 10-physician practice of retinal surgeons, and has worked for two different hospital systems in the Washington metropolitan area. With this career path, Linda has had the opportunity to experience both sides of the healthcare industry throughout her career. This lends to her broad scope of understanding of the history of Health Information Management and clinical documentation.

Linda is a very active volunteer for the Association and is very passionate about the Association's goals and mission, and about advocating for the profession. She has had the opportunity to serve as Chair on the EHR Alliance committee in which she facilitated focus groups, case studies, as well as a group effort project to create the EHR Toolkit found on the AHDI website today. Linda was also a contributor to the Healthcare Documentation Quality Assessment and Management Best Practices guide. In addition, Linda has served as the Legal Issues Group (LIG) chair. She has help to train, motivate, and mobilize members as the association grew the Legislative Leaders program, and headed to Capitol Hill for the 6th annual Advocacy Summit. Currently, Linda is serving on the AHDI's Board of Directors as an At-Large Director, and is also Board liaison to the Membership Advisory Workgroup (MAW) and the Corporate Members Taskforce.

Susan Lucci, RHIT, CHPS, CMT, AHDI-F

Susan has worked in leadership of health information management and healthcare documentation since 1985. For over eight years, she worked in the HIM Department of an acute care hospital in Florida in a number of roles including medical transcription, coding, and utilization management. With a degree in business administration, Susan pursued a degree in health information management from St. Petersburg College. Susan is completing her BS in HIM at the University of Cincinnati. Currently she is President of Privacy Officer Services, LLC.

Susan was first elected to the AHDI Board of Directors in 2005. She served as AHDI’s president for 2009/2010. She is a frequent writer for Plexus, Advance, Journal of AHIMA and For the Record. Susan serves as facilitator of the Communities of Practice for the Medical Transcription Community for AHIMA, and is an AHIMA ACE member (Action Community for e-HIM). Susan represents AHIMA on the executive committee for the Health Story Project, will serve as co-chair for AHIMA’s Privacy and Security Council in 2013 and has been an highly sought speaker for both state and national conferences.

Barb Marques, CMT, AHDI-F
District 1 Director

Barb has been in the Medical transcription field for almost 35 years, working in both private practice and hospital settings. She currently holds a position as senior transcriptionist for a community hospital.

She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Idaho State University with a minor in Nuclear Science. One of her first paid positions involved communicating with nuclear medicine technologists performing medical examinations and transcribing reports on some of those examinations.

Barb joined AHDI in 1982, achieved her CMT credential in 1992 and FAAMT/AHDI-F credential in 2005. She was AHDI Practitioner of the Year in 2002. Barb played an active part in formation of the AHDI HOD Lead Team and also served on the National Component Relations Task Force in 2005. She held offices of president, secretary and delegate for many years for local and state AHDI chapters before being elected to the AHDI Board as a director in 2006, term to be served 2007-2009. Barb served as secretary for the BOD in 2007, board liaison to the Component Association Support Team and president elect in the transitional term 2009 through ACE 2010. In early 2010 she also served as co-chair of the Blueprint for Great Governance Group.

As president for the term Sept. 1, 2010, through Sept 1, 2011, Barb guided the board and the association through the search for and hiring of a new CEO, the transition of the BOD and the House of Delegates to the National Leadership Board with election of six district directors, and the creation of continued responses to the Federal government on “Meaningful use” definitions and the value transcription holds in healthcare documentation. During her term, the “Open Letter” series of communications on hot topics in the healthcare community were launched with followup on the AHDI Blog lounge and town hall discussions of those issues. The Manual for Ethical Best Practices was launched in early 2011, versions for both the MTSO and the individual practitioner. The survey for future roles for medical transcription knowledge specialists was launched and curriculum updates for approved schools moved towards completion. Her year in office concluded with the ACE meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, that included what will probably become the “First Annual Great Debate” of those hot topics.

As immediate past president, Barb remained active in the New Professionals Alliance. She participated in work groups responsible for the revised New Strategic Plan, including an updated mission and vision; the work plan for volunteer groups, and the board-level communications plan. When the District 1 Director position became vacant, Barb accepted President Sherry Doggetts’ request to fill that role in representing the members in District 1, term ending Sept. 1, 2013, which is now her current NLB position.

Tamorah “Tammy” Moore, CMT, AHDI-F

Tamorah (Tammy) has worked in the Healthcare field for over 25 years in many divisions of health information, including civilian and military settings. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business Management, with special focus on Health Information Management.

Tammy has been active in many chapters and component of AHDI over the years, including serving as the alternate delegate for Alabama/Georgia for 2 years, Atlanta Chapter secretary for a year, as well as serving as the Webmedx corporate chapter first secretary. Education and credentialing are her true passion. In 2009 she was awarded AHDI Integrity Award for Excellence in Credentialing.

Christine (Christy) Peterson, RHIT, CMT, AHDI-F
District 5 Director

Christy is currently the Release of Information (ROI) Coordinator at Hillcrest Medical Center in Tulsa, OK. She has been in the transcription industry since 2001, after graduating from the Andrews School. During this time she has worked in production and QA roles, most of that time as an independent contractor but also as an employee for national companies. She earned her CMT in 2009. Christy recently earned her RHIT in July 2012. She earned the AHDI-F designation in October 2012.

Christy has been involved with AHDI in various roles over the past few years. Those roles include mentor and serving on the RADT and CDT committees. She has also been the certification chair for the OA-AHDI. Her passions are education and credentialing.

Christy has an bachelor’s degree in Spanish and secondary education from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN as well as an associate’s degree in Health Information Technology from Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, IA. She lives in Broken Arrow with her husband and three very handsome sons. In her free time, she enjoys reading, watching her boys play soccer, and volunteering with the Boy Scouts of America.

Diane Warth, CMT, RHIT, CPC, AHDI-F
District 4 Director

Diane has worked in the medical field for over 30 years, beginning her career as a hospital medical transcriptionist, and in 1976 she obtained her ART (now RHIT) credential while living in Savannah, Georgia. She worked as Assistant Director of Medical Records, Leigh Memorial Hospital, Norfolk, VA, for close to 10 years. During her employment at Leigh Memorial Hospital she managed the transcription, coding and microfilm departments and served as Tumor Registrar. She also served as QA Coordinator for the hospital for several years. For more than 20 years, Diane was Practice Manager for Virginia Beach Internal Medicine, Virginia Beach, VA, and also supervised transcription services for Bayview Physician Services. Diane obtained her Certified Professional Coder credential in 2001 and the AHDI-F designation in 2008. She currently owns a transcription service, Medical Documentation Solutions, LLC.

Over the years, Diane has been involved in her local, state and regional associations, and was one of the founding members of the Tidewater Chapter, AHDI, in 1983, becoming a CMT that year. She served in several offices, including President of the Virginia Association and the Tidewater Chapter, AHDI, and was a delegate for Virginia and AHDI-NEMA. She has also attended all of the Advocacy summits held in Washington, D.C., by AHDI. As the delegate for AHDI-NEMA, she participated in the Strategic Initiatives group from 2010-2011.

Diane attended Valdosta State College, Savannah, GA, and Tidewater Community College, Virginia Beach, VA, as an undergraduate. She is a Virginia native and lives in Virginia Beach.

Diane was elected District 4 Director in June 2011 and began serving her 3-year term on the AHDI Board of Directors September 1, 2011.