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AHDI Mentorship Program Application

Thank you for your interest in AHDI’s Mentorship Program! The Mentorship Program has been created by AHDI in conjunction with AHDI's New Professional's Alliance to provide the experienced Individual Professional member an opportunity to contribute to the growth of a Student or Postgraduate member in a mutually satisfying short term partnership.

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If you are a PROFESSIONAL and would like to become a Mentor:

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Please review AHDI’s Mentorship Program policies and guidelines here. By submitting this Mentorship Program application you are confirming that you have read and accepted the program’s policies and guidelines.

If you are interested in becoming enrolled in AHDI’s Mentorship Program please complete this form. By submitting this form you are requesting a mentorship pairing. Please allow 3-5 business days for confirmation of receipt of application. Pairings are made on the first of each month. Please direct any questions to mentoring@ahdionline.org.

*Please note that all fields containing an asterisk are for office use only and are considered confidential. This information also has no bearing on application approval as all applications submitted by active members of AHDI are considered “pre-approved”.