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Successful completion of AHDI credentialing exams will depend not only on training and experience but very often on focused exam preparation and study. A goal-oriented approach to competency preparation can make the difference between earning and not earning that coveted credential. Candidates should consider any or all of the following recommendations for exam prep, independent exercise, and/or collaborative group study:

1. Know and understand your exam blue print. The 130 items on the RHDS exam and the 120 items on the CHDS exam (250 total items on the CQE) come from specific core competency objectives outlined on the exam blue prints for each exam. Understanding what competency is going to be evaluated for each objective will assist a candidate in more focused and purposeful study. Blue prints for both exams along with sample assessment items and FAQs are housed in the Credentialing Candidate Guide. Download that resource below. Take time to listen to the Steps to Credentialing recording below.

Credentialing Candidate Guide
Steps to Credentialing recording

2. Invest in exam prep resources and materials.

The CMT Exam Guide (CHDS Ready)
The RMT Exam Guide (RHDS Ready)
RMT Exam Guide: A Walk Through the Audio Objectives (RHDS Ready)
CMT Exam Guide: A Walk Through the Audio Objectives (CHDS Ready)
The Book of Style, 3rd Edition
The Book of Style Workbook

For other potential self-assessment products, visit the Self-Assessment Section of the online store.

* The RMT and CMT Review Guides published in partnership with Stedman’s were written prior to the release of the new RHDS and CHDS exam blue prints, so other supplement study will be required with those resources, but the majority of clinical and style content in these publications is still valid and aligns with the core competency objectives housed on the new exam blue prints.

3. Sign up for an online course. AHDI has partnered with Oak Horizons to offer continuing education courses to assist with exam preparation.

Oak Horizons offers a number of exam preparation and continuing education courses.

Though not required, candidates who would like practical experience in this competency prior to the exam will likely find this course a helpful exam prep resource.

Oak Horizons Courses

4. Join an RHDS or CHDS study group. One of the best ways to prepare for any exam is to partner with other candidates to study, learn, and tackle exam prep collaboratively. AHDI offers RHDS and CHDS Study Courses through an e-learning platform that run for 12-weeks each. AHDI components and industry employers are some of the best sources for study group organization. Check the AHDI Events Calendar below for available study groups. If you don’t have a group meeting in your area, consider joining an online study group or hosting one of your own.

RHDS Study Course
CHDS Study Course
AHDI Events Calendar
RHDS/CHDS Exam Study Group Guide

5. Take a Practice Exam. The RHDS Practice Exam is designed to parallel the weight and balance of objectives on the AHDI RHDS exam. The RHDS Practice Exam houses 91 cognitive assessment (multiple-choice) questions and 39 audio items. The RHDS Practice Exam represents potential content domains under the exam blue print and will provide you a realistic overall impression of exam scope and format, while providing you an opportunity to become acclimated with the testing environment. The CHDS Practice Exam is designed to parallel the weight and balance of objectives on the CHDS exam itself. The CHDS Practice Exam houses 78 cognitive assessment (multiple-choice) questions and 42 audio items, which include 9 speech recognition editing items. The CHDS Practice Exam represents potential content domains under the exam blue print and should give you an overall impression of exam scope, and format, and also acclimate you with the testing environment.

Please note that in order to access the Practice Exams you will need to use Internet Explorer.

Disclaimer: This practice exam is provided for your convenience by AHDI. Potential RHDS candidates may use this practice exam as one tool to assess their knowledge and to assist them in preparation for the real RHDS exam. The actual RHDS exam will be similar to this practice exam, but the questions will not be identical. Successfully completing this practice exam does not guarantee that candidates will pass the actual exam. We know that candidates who take the time to review the Candidate Guide and Exam Blue Print and to prepare themselves through study generally do better on the exams than those who do not.

NOTE: Prior to taking the Practice Exam, candidates must first apply for exam eligibility and pay the eligibility fee.

You will receive your Authorization-to-Test letter and registration instructions within 5 days via email. Upon receipt of your Authorization-to-Test letter, you will have 180 days to complete the Practice Exam, schedule your credentialing exam, and take your credentialing exam. If you wish to extend the window of time, you would need to reapply for exam eligibility.

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