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Exam Eligibility

Congratulations! You are now ready to apply for exam eligibility. By submitting the eligibility fee and requesting authorization to test, you are confirming that you have:

  1. Read and accepted the terms and policies outlined in the Credentialing Candidate Guide.
  2. Reviewed the applicable exam blue prints and understand the competencies against which you will be evaluated on examination.
  3. Understand the restrictions for determining which exam you will be deemed eligible to take based on prerequisite requirements.

Submission of the eligibility fee will constitute a request for authorization to test, and once granted, your exam eligibility will be valid for a period of 180 days from the date of processing. You will receive your Authorization-to-Test email within 5 days of eligibility fee submission. That email will contain a unique username and password for access to Kryterion's Webassessor™ registration platform. A user profile will automatically be created for you so that you can login, select the appropriate test (based on predetermined eligibility), pay for your exam, and schedule your on-site or online proctored exam on a date and time convenient for you. If you do not register and take your exam within the 180-day eligibility window, your eligibility will expire, and you will need to reapply for eligibility.

Why Should I Become an AHDI Member First?
Membership in AHDI is not required to take AHDI credentialing examinations. However, AHDI members do receive a significant discount on the credentialing exams as well as other valuable resources and benefits. While your eligibility fees are paid directly to AHDI, your exam registration fees are paid to Kryterion at the time you schedule your exam. The price points offered to you on the Kryterion website will be based on the membership data we export daily to Kryterion. If you are not a member of AHDI at the time you submit your eligibility fee, your profile will reflect a “nonmember” status when data is exported to Kryterion, and you will be offered only nonmember exam pricing when you register with Kryterion. Take advantage of the significant savings (reflected below) and myriad benefits of AHDI membership by purchasing membership before you submit your exam eligibility fee.

RHDS Pricing (3-hour exam session)

On-site exam, member: $150.00
On-site exam, nonmember: $ 230.00
Online proctored (OLP) exam, member: $100
Online proctored (OLP) exam, nonmember: $180

CHDS Pricing (3-hour exam session)

On-site exam, member: $200.00
On-site exam, nonmember: $ 280.00
Online proctored (OLP) exam, member: $150
Online proctored (OLP) exam, nonmember: $230

CQE Pricing (5-hour exam session)

On-site exam, member: $275.00
On-site exam, nonmember: $355.00

RHDS Practice Exam (3-hour nonproctored session)

Member: $49.00
Nonmember: $59.00

CHDS Practice Exam (3-hour nonproctored session)

Member: $59.00
Nonmember: $69.00

Wish to purchase AHDI membership? Start here → Membership Categories & Benefits

Ready to submit your eligibility fee? Select from eligibility options below.
Note: Eligibility and exam pricing for specific exams are determined by both your membership status and current credential (if any). The eligibility fee item below will only be visible if you are logged in and have not taken the exam in the past 6 months. Please make sure you are logged in to submit an exam eligibility fee.

Questions about your exam eligibility?
Please contact credentialing@ahdionline.org or 800-982-2182 x2456.

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