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Certified Medical Transcriptionist – Retired (CMT-R)
Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist–Retired (CHDS-R)
Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist - Retired (RHDS-R)

Certified Medical Transcriptionists (CMTs), Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialists (CHDSs), and Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialists (RHDSs) who choose to retire or leave the industry may opt to carry a retired credential status moving forward. The CMT-R, CHDS-R, and RHDS-R are designed to signify that an individual has a history of sustaining a credentialed status through continuing education during his/her years of active employment in the industry but is no longer working in the industry and therefore no longer engaging in professional development activities related to the career.

Any CMT, CHDS, or RHDS no longer practicing medical transcription/healthcare documentation may choose to retire their credential and maintain the designation of CMT-R, CHDS-R, or RHDS-R. Once a credential is retired, individuals are prohibited from using the CMT, CHDS, or RHDS alone, and thereby implying a commitment to continuing education, and are required to include the “-R” designation with any use of CMT, CHDS or RHDS from that point forward.

A CMT, CHDS, or RHDS may choose to retire their credential at any point during the credentialing cycle (ie, you do not have to wait until the end of your 3-year cycle).

Retired CMTs, CHDSs, or RHDSs who want to reinstate their full CHDS status will be required to recertify by examination.

Individuals who wish to retire their credential must submit an application form and a one-time processing fee of $45.00.

CMT-R Application: Download the form here.

CHDS-R Application: Download the form here.

RHDS-R Application: Download the form here.

CMTs, CHDSs, and RHDSs desiring to retire their credential who do not submit the proper forms and fees to the AHDI office by the deadline will be considered lapsed and will no longer be eligible to identify themselves as a CMT, CHDS or RHDS.

As a courtesy, a lapsed notice will be sent to any CMT, CHDS or RHDS who does not submit their application and fees prior to their recertification deadline. A $50 late fee must be included, along with the normal processing fee of $45.After the 90-day grace period, the only way to become credentialed again is by successfully passing the CHDS or RHDS exam.

NOTE: All CMTs, CHDSs, and RHDSs are responsible for knowing when their cycle ends. This information is sent at the time of inital certification and recertification and can be found on the CMT/CHDS certificate or Validation of Recertification. All CMTs, CHDSs, and RHDSs are responsible for notifying AHDI of changes to your address, phone number and email address.

RMTs: If you choose to retire your RMT credential prior to your next recredentialing cycle, contact AHDI for further information.