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A growing number of companies in the US are recognizing the link between certified professionals and quality documentation outcomes. Many are now seeking, reimbursing, and compensating the credential in the marketplace. If you know of, work for, or are an employer who recognizes the credential in a measurable way, please let us know so that we can acknowledge your company in our publications as well as on this page. Send your information to kwall@ahdionline.org.

NOTE: The information on this page has been provided by the companies represented and was not generated by AHDI. AHDI is not responsible for the claims made by the employers listed here. While AHDI does attempt to keep this information current, we have no ability to validate these claims nor anticipate policy changes made by these organizations between updates. Candidates seeking employment from these organizations or those considering the value of credentialing based on this list should contact these organizations for verification of current policy and scope of application.

AccuScribe Transcription Services, a division of InHealth in Atlanta, GA, fully supports certification as an important step in the advancement of the highly skilled profession of Medical Transcription by providing free of charge a state-of-the-art intranet training website for participants to prepare for credentialing increasing the ability to pass the test. AccuScribe/InHealth supports credentialing and will provide credentialed MTs with the opportunity for more work as the reduction in QA on transcription submitted reduces costs to the company, thus credentialed transcriptionists will receive work prior to those not being credentialed.

Acusis is an MTSO in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Acusis has a credentialing policy program for employees who want to become an RHDS and/or CHDS and who want to maintain their CHDS status. The policy pays up to and including $150 yearly education reimbursement, provided the MT and/or editor maintains a 98% quality score average. It supports AHDI membership, initial certification fees, recertification fees, and tuition and registration fees for AHDI-approved workshops, symposia, and conferences. In addition, Acusis offers an extra line rate incentive for all credentialed transcriptionists. In summary, the Acusis policy is to reimburse tuition and credentialing-related expenses toward successfully earning and maintaining the RMT/RHDS and CMT/CHDS credentials.

Amphion Medical Solutions headquartered in Madison, WI, has always recognized the link between certified professionals and quality documentation. In fact, Amphion is proud to announce its totally peer-led CHDS/RHDS study groups. Amphion provides Review Guides to the attendees of the study groups and reimburses up to $300 of the credentialing exam fees for team members who successfully pass their certification exams. In addition, full-time Amphion CMTs/CHDSs and RMTs/RHDSs earn $300 (prorated for part-time CMTs/CHDSs and RMTs/RHDSs) annually to use toward their continuing education credits. Amphion also presents complimentary semi-annual continuing education sessions (eligible for AHDI credits) to all of its medical language specialists.

Digital Transcription Systems, Inc., of Oklahoma City, OK, offers the following CMT/CHDS package:

  • An additional incentive is paid per line
  • DTS reimburses for the exam if passed
  • DTS reimburses the registration fee for one state meeting per year
  • DTS reimburses the annual AHDI dues

EMR Omniscribe, LLC, located in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, is one of the first facilities to require that all their transcriptionists be credentialed. They are one of the few medical transcription service companies to offer a fully credentialed and fully domestic workforce, which allows them to ensure the highest quality, patient privacy of medical records, and HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Health-First Hospitals, in Brevard Country, Florida, they have implemented a career ladder structure to their MLS job classification that moves one up the ladder in title and in pay for earning and maintaining certifications.

Keystrokes Transcription Service, Inc., in Yorkville, Illinois, pays a 5% differential to all CMTs on staff. They are currently working on getting together a CHDS exam study group and increasing their comprehensive benefits package to include education reimbursement and exam fee reimbursement.

Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, MN, (specifically, the Division of Documentation Services) demonstrates the importance of a credentialed work force in several ways:

  1. Reimbursement for successful completion of the exam.
  2. Preference to hiring qualified credentialed applicants.
  3. Recognition of those credentialed with their name on a plaque, listing on our internal website, and announcement article in a Mayo Clinic newsletter.
  4. Providing in-service education to help those certified or registered maintain their credentials.
  5. Reimbursement for tuition college credits that enhance the employee's current position or that supports career development (up to a designated maximum amount; certain employment eligibility requirements apply).

M*Modal, located in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, wants to recognize their MTs and MMEs that have CMT/CHDS and RMT/RHDS certification. To demonstrate the importance we place on having a strong, credentialed workforce, MTs/MMEs with a confirmed CMT/CHDS credential will receive an additional $0.005/line and MTs with a confirmed RMT/RHDS credential will receive an additional $0.0025/line. Professional education brings many advantages to M*Modal customers and their patients, and they are pleased to recognize this superior level of commitment, knowledge, and competency.

MedScribe Information Systems, Inc., in Jacksonville, FL, provides a CMT/CHDS line rate premium for employees, plus annual AHDI dues.

Opti-Script, Inc., in State College, PA, encourages and rewards certification by providing CMT/CHDS prep training, reimbursement for exam expenses, and increased incentive pay for CMTs/CHDSs. Opti-Script also provides professional growth opportunities for CMTs/CHDSs in QA and management positions.

Texas Health Resources offers a higher base rate to transcriptionists with credentials. Texas Health Resources is the parent company for all Harris Methodist and Presbyterian Hospitals in North Central Texas, as well as Arlington Memorial Hospital in Arlington.

Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, WA, offers a shift differential for certified medical transcriptionists (CMTs)/credentialed healthcare documentation specialists (CHDSs).