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2012 Annual Convention and Expo DVD Boxed Set

Catch everything you missed at ACE 2012 with this 12-disc DVD boxed set. Jam-packed with over 30 hours of exciting content including educational sessions, keynotes, special events, and more!

Each educational session incorporates live video footage from the presentation with the PowerPoint slides to provide a dynamic viewing experience second only to attending the session in-person. Your ACE 2012 DVD Boxed Set includes:

  • Educational Sessions from the Clinical Medicine Track, Industry Trends & Technology Track, and Workforce Development Track*
  • Two Keynote Sessions
  • The Great Debate
  • Bonus material, including footage from the exhibit hall, special events, and the 2012 AHDI Integrity Awards

*Partners in Quality: Why Quality Matters and How to Achieve it, Christine Tyrrell, BA, MS and Medical Informatics and the EHR, Gilbert Liu, MD, MS are not included in this DVD boxed set.


Eligible Members Price - on sale now!: $129
List Price - on sale now!: $149

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Component Use for Large Group Screenings

This DVD boxed set is limited to individual use when purchased at the standard prices available through the online store. For larger audience viewings you must purchase the DVD with an audience viewing license. Click the Component DVD button in the Related Links box for further information.

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