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The Mastering the Electronic Health Record (EHR) course is a 10-week intermediate preparatory course consisting of weekly review, assignments, exercises, and quizzes to test your understanding of the material presented. Course-takers will have an understanding of the learning outcomes for each chapter, implore skill-building techniques through exercises designed to navigate you through the EHR program, learn about current topics in health care, and develop critical-thinking skills through comprehension of applied concepts of using an EHR and testing those skills through the online exercises and activities provided.

Supplemental teaching materials for each chapter are provided in PDF. In addition, a student Q&A forum for this course is provided and will be moderated by instructor Candace Carlstrom.

Two chapters (11 and 12) in Electronic Health Records, 3rd Edition, not included in this 10-week course provide additional knowledge reinforcement of and practice with navigation and functionality of EHR screens that course-takers may complete on their own.

Learning Objectives

  • Define the concept of an electronic health record (EHR) and the government’s involvement in EHRs. 
  • Identify major events in the development of standards for the EHR.
  • Describe key privacy and security issues related to EHRs.
  • Set up new patients, edit patient information, and export patient lists.
  • Set up new insurance companies and edit existing insurance company information.
  • Add patients to the Office Schedule; use the Patient Tracker; create a patient Face Sheet, an Office Visit note and reports, various office visit reports; and conduct a chart evaluation.
  • Order and process lab tests, and create a test report.
  • Create, edit, and document procedures and diagnoses.
  • Perform a search of the medical database.
  • And much more!

Required text:  Electronic Health Records, 3rd Edition, by Byron R Hamilton. Book available to rent or purchase from Amazon.

Registration: Registration for each monthly course is open from the 1st through the 25th of the month prior to the start of the course you want to take. Participates will register by clicking the link below. Participants will be given access the first day of the month following the close of registration and will have access for 10 weeks.

Continuing Education Credit: Certified Medical Transcriptionists (CMTs) who complete and pass this course will earn 1 Medicolegal (1 ML) and 9 Technology and the Workplace (9 TW) credits.

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Approximately 4-6 hours per week for the 10-week course commitment.

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Registration for each month is available the preceding month through the 25th. Participants will be given access the first day of the month following the close of registration and will have access for 10 weeks.

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