Speech Recognition Editing Program for Community Colleges Minimize


In partnership with AHDPG and 3M, the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) has developed the first of its kind speech recognition editing course to help your students confidently make the transition from standard transcription production worker to successful SRT knowledge-based worker.

This online program was designed with maximum flexibility for easy integration into your existing medical transcription program to best prepare your students for employment today. Depending on your needs you can choose to use AHDPG instructors or yours and either leverage our web-based Learning Management System or port the curriculum over to yours. If you chose to port the curriculum, AHDPG will support that decision and assist your school with the transition.

The online program will give your students the opportunity for hands-on practice with speech recognition editing on 3M’s Chartscript.com platform using authentically recognized drafts from real physicians.

The content areas of the program include:

  • History and development of speech recognition technology
  • Basic scientific terms related to speech recognition technology
  • Differences between front-end and back-end speech recognition technology
  • Productivity and quality issues
  • The role of speech recognition technology in the electronic medical record
  • Implications of speech recognition technology on the future of the medical transcription industry

Option 1 – The “Turnkey Solution” allows your students access to the curriculum through the existing Learning Management System and provides support from AHDPG instructors and access to the 3M Chartscript.com Speech Recognition Editing Platform. In addition, AHDPG will work with a designated person from your organization in a “train the trainer” process to certify that individual as an authorized Instructor of the program. Once certified, your instructor could then provide support to your students and take on 100% of the program delivery support required.

Benefits of the “Turnkey Solution”:

  • Immediate access to the program for those students currently enrolled in your program
  • Better preparation of graduates from your program for today’s workforce environment
  • All the support you need to make a smooth transition toward assuming the responsibility for program delivery

Option 2 - The “Hosted Solution” allows you to use the curriculum on your Learning Management System with access to the 3M Chartscript.com platform. The true benefit here is that the program becomes yours to deliver and provides your students with access to one of the world’s best speech recognition platforms. Second-level support is provided by TRS Institute to support your program delivery needs.

Benefits of our “Hosted Solution”:

  • Our program delivered by you on your Learning Management System
  • Collaborative networking between educational organizations to continually improve the program
  • Ongoing support and program updates provided by the TRS Institute, AHDI, and 3M Corporation.
  • Reduced license fees due to your role in assuming program management

For more information and to see how you can implement the AHDI-AHDPG-3M Speech Recognition Editing Program at your school please contact us at 1-800-407-1186 or email us today at info@ahdpg.com

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