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AHDI joined forces with Oak Horizons to offer our CMT Prep Assessment online. The assessment will run from the first day through the last day of each calendar month. Registration will begin the month prior, for a span of two or more weeks.

This assessment does not offer continuing education credits for CMTs. The program was not designed to test the knowledge and skills of our current CMTs but to help prepare Level 2 MTs (as stated in the MT Job Description) for the electronic certification exam. MTs and students taking the CMT Prep Assessment will still need 2 years' experience in an acute care environment and currently hold the RMT credential before registering to take the CMT exam. Review the Credentialing Candidate Guide for detailed information on the electronic certification exam.

The objective tests consist of 25 questions pulled randomly from the body system that the participant is assessing. The grade is reported immediately, and correct answers are provided upon review of the test. Since the database for each body system has approximately 100 questions and the questions are pulled randomly, the participant does not receive the same test twice. There is no limit to the number of times a participant may take the objective tests.

Each body system also has up to 5 voice clips to transcribe according to the directions provided. The participant will transcribe the missing part or edit the voice clip. The clips are intended for practice purposes and are not part of the participant's grade. The Moodle software is not as sophisticated as the Kryterion software and cannot allow for the many variations that can occur in the practical portion of the exam. The participant may practice the process and technique of using the voice clips, with an answer provided for comparison purposes.

A practice exam is offered that incorporates 38 voice files (including editing files) and 82 objective questions, for a total of 120 questions. The participant may take the exam as often as desired, although the questions will remain the same with each attempt. The exam allows the participant to experience the process and intensity of a full exam.

The program is open to the participant twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for each calendar month. The cost for each course is $125 for AHDI members and $150 for nonmembers. Registration for each month occurs on the 1st through the 25th of the month prior.

Course Overview



Time Commitment

Approximately 5-10 hours per week for the 4-week course commitment.


$125.00 per course for AHDI members
$150.00 per course for non-AHDI members. Refunds cannot be given after the close of registration for each class cycle.

Delivery of Program

Participants register and pay for the courses on the AHDI website. Before the course cycle begins, participants will be issued a website URL, a username and a password with which to access the course website, an established e-learning platform where the AHDI online continuing education courses are hosted. Once you have received confirmation of your registration from AHDI, you will normally not receive any further communication. You can log into the course by following the login instructions explained below.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • 486 processor
  • 64MB RAM
  • Windows 98 or higher
  • Sound card
  • 15" monitor
  • USB, serial port or game port foot pedal control recommended

Software Requirements

  • Microsoft Word - version 97 or higher (MS Word is the most commonly used software in the industry and is required for its compatibility with other required software)
  • Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (IE 5.5 sp1 is not supported by WebCT) or Netscape Navigator 4.76 or 6.2.1.

CMT Prep Assessment Course Schedule

The CMT Prep Assessment Course runs every month from the first to the last day of the month. Registration for each month is available the preceding month through the 25th.


Register Now for the upcoming CMT Prep Assessment course.

After Registration

Once you have registered and the course has started, please follow the following link http://moodle.oakhorizons.com in order to access the course. The username is your eight-digit customer number or AHDI member number. The password is your five-digit zip code. You will only be able to log in once the course has started. Please read all of the items contained in the Course Information section to familiarize yourself with the course contents.

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