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For any organization whose mission involves forecasting and reporting industry change to its members, staying a few steps ahead of the curve can be challenging. The healthcare documentation arena is constantly evolving. It is impacted by technology, workforce development, fiscal constraints on the healthcare system, and the changing demands of the patient consumer.

How will emerging technologies, like template-based EMR/EHR systems and speech-recognition systems, impact the practice of medical transcription? To what degree will the fiscal crisis of the US healthcare system be a driver of change in the industry? Will globalization open markets and drive opportunity or will it restrict the provision of services for domestic practitioners? How much will the emergence of a technologically savvy generation of patient consumers drive the demand for real-time information in healthcare? Will there be an increased or decreased demand for qualified practitioners in the industry? Will the transcription skill set continue to be relevant in the future?

Few can predict with complete accuracy how any of these factors will shape the future of healthcare delivery and patient care documentation. It is possible, however, to look closely at trends and drivers in the current marketplace to forecast what the most likely changes and challenges will be in the next 10 years and beyond.

AHDI has worked with industry partners, like the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) and the Medical Transcription Industry Association (MTIA), to look closely at these issues, with a joint focus of determining the most likely future scenarios in the industry and what will be needed to prepare our members for those scenarios.

Two significant reports on the future of health information management have been released within the last two years that look at both the future of medical transcription and the need for workforce development in HIM to prepare for the electronic future:

Transcription Futures Group

Workforce Development Summit Report

The Future of Medical Transcription Video - Members, log in to see the link below