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Long before AHDI was formed 37 years ago, healthcare documentation specialists (HDSs) didn’t just record patient health histories and medical care. We also brought truth and vitality to those records through the creation of complete and accurate patient stories.

AHDI partners with HDSs to continually develop our workforce, offer and promote the importance of becoming credentialed, and advocate on patients’ behalf. Now more than ever, it’s important for HDSs to lead the charge in making our voices heard, taking a seat at the table to be recognized as an essential member of the healthcare team, and effecting the changes we know play a critical role in patient safety through complete and accurate documentation. As such, we hold the power and ability to personally affect others’ actions, decisions, opinions, or thinking surrounding our critical role in patient care documentation.

As an HDS, you have a chance to contribute to this legacy—your legacy, not just during National Medical Transcriptionist Week but all year long. Communicate your ideas, advocate for yourself and for fellow HDSs, and help educate the public and healthcare community.

So . . . what do you want to say? What will you contribute to our future?

There are several ways in which you can contribute not only during National MT Week but all year long:

  1. Through May 18, 2015, join us in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of healthcare documentation specialists for National Medical Transcriptionist Week through our Thunderclap.
  2. Promote the importance of reading and verifying the accuracy of one’s medical record through local outreaches in your community or build awareness within your workplace. Find information and materials at YourRecordSpeaks.org.
  3. Visit, add to, and help us promote our “SR Errors—Funny . . . or Fatal?” page on Facebook.
  4. Distribute the "Speech Wrecks" flyer featuring errors corrected by HDSs.
  5. Join us for the Healthcare Documentation Integrity Conference in the DC area this August for our “Sightseeing #Selfies Walking PSA” to promote patient safety and continuity of care through documentation standards designed to ensure and protect the integrity of patient health data. Organize a public service announcement locally too!
  6. Share your story by making a video or submitting a written testimonial for AHDI to use in a series of promotional videos we’ll be developing over the next several months: Download the "My HDS Story" information packet.


Save the Date! National MT Week will be held May 15-21, 2016

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