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Working Together for Patient Safety2012 MT Week Poster

Clinicians and Healthcare Documentation Specialists Work Together for Patient Safety

In 1999 the Institute of Medicine published their well-known study of preventable medical errors and the human cost of those errors, “To Err is Human: Building a Safer Health System.” Concern for patient safety did not begin in 1999, but that report underlined in dramatic fashion the need for increased attention to the issue.

Serving as a second set of eyes on patient health records, healthcare documentation specialists are knowledge workers trained to look for and identify potential errors in the medical record. No matter where errors originated, healthcare documentation specialists, like everyone else involved in patient care, are passionately committed to eliminating preventable threats to patient safety.

Ensuring patient safety is not a one-dimensional task that rests solely upon one individual healthcare provider. Clinicians and healthcare documentation specialists must forge a partnership, working together for patient safety.

Increase the Visibility of Healthcare Documentation Specialists by:

  • Getting Credentialed. Our healthcare delivery system places a high value on the credentials that testify to your skills and training. With lower exam pricing and new exam options, including the ability to take an exam online from your own computer, it’s never been easier to achieve this goal. Visit www.ahdionline.org and click on “Certification” to learn more.
  • Being an Advocate. Reignite AHDI’s “Have You Read Your Medical Record?” public awareness campaign and use the PHR Tool Kit to educate people about the importance of a medical record as well as how to create a medical record and verify the accuracy of information. Learn more at www.ahdionline.org/ReadYourMedicalRecord.
  • Making an Impact. Partner with physicians and healthcare facilities to help them adopt and implement policies and training practices found in our Dictation Best Practices Tool Kit to promote high-quality dictation and to ensure the best documentation outcomes. View the tool kit at www.ahdionline.org/DictationBestPractices.

Download the high-resolution MT Week poster (front side shown above)

For more information about AHDI’s advocacy efforts, visit our website (www.ahdionline.org) and click on “Advocacy and Public Policy.”

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National Medical Transcriptionist Week 2013 will take place on May 19 - 25

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