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Networking with industry peers, employers, vendors, and leaders is critical to staying relevant in today’s healthcare documentation arena. While reading industry publications and researching via the Internet can assist in professional development, there is no substitute for the insight, education and perspective found through personal networking at industry events, whether national, state/regional or local. This is particularly true of the healthcare documentation industry, where the emerging reality of an at-home virtual workforce has resulted in a fragmented and isolated industry of professionals who need real and relevant connection to each other and to the industry in which they hope to grow and thrive.

Whether you are seeking continuing education for professional growth and credentialing, potential employment and leadership opportunities, or you are hoping to network with other MTs, you will find AHDI events to be an invaluable resource for connection.

Events Calendar: Look at all the upcoming events on the local, state, and national level.

Healthcare Documentation Integrity Conference: : Visit the HDIC homepage to find out more about the upcoming annual conference.

National Medical Transcriptionist Week: Visit the National Medical Transcriptionist Week homepage to help celebrate the profession as we honor our Guardians of Healthcare Documentation Integrity.

Webinars: Register for upcoming webinars offered by AHDI.

Past AHDI Events: See a listing of past AHDI events.