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Component Program Planning

A critical goal for AHDI component organizations is the need to provide relevant, credit-worthy programs for local and regional members, especially for recredentialing CMTs/CHDSs who participate in component activities and events as a means of earning continuing education credits to maintain their credentials.  Component leaders can refer to the resources below to ensure compliance with appropriate guidelines and standards for determining the credit-worthiness of any potential events and resources offered by the component organization.

Component Program Planning OutlineDownload this PowerPoint presentation to share with your board and program planning committee as a review of guidelines for ensuring level 2 content of potential programs and submitting CEC approval to AHDI for those programs.

Component Program Planning WebinarThis webinar offered in June of 2010 will provide not only an orientation to the PowerPoint presentation above but also audio recording of the live training event and access to both questions and answers addressed during that training session.

AHDI Recredentialing Resource GuideUse this guide to assist with programmatic decisions related to CEC approval and assignment.

CEC Requirements TableRefer to this table for a breakdown of level 2 content descriptions for all core content and optional content categories required for recredentialing CMTs/CHDSs.

CEC Approval Request eFormUse this electronic, field-based form to submit approval requests for all programs and resources for which your component seeks CEC assignment.  This should be filled out and emailed to credentialing@ahdionline.org.

For any other questions about planning credit-worthy programs or securing CEC assignment for your events, contact credentialing@ahdionline.org.