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Networking in Groups: Alliances

AHDI Alliances are virtual special interest groups that have been formed for the purpose of information exchange, networking, and addressing the common needs and interests of the group.

Primary objective: Networking.

Who can participate in an AHDI Alliance?
You must be an active member of AHDI to participate in an AHDI Alliance. Login to the website using your AHDI membership account to subscribe to an Alliance.

Advocacy Alliance
Members of AHDI can participate in the Advocacy Alliance listserv group – designed for anyone who has an interest in advocacy issues and desires to stay abreast of the dialogue.

AHDI Business Alliance
This is a virtual community of AHDI members to network, exchange best practices, and seek advice related to managing, leading, or owning a healthcare documentation business.

Educators Alliance
Preparing the future workforce for the constantly changing profession of healthcare documentation can be daunting. This alliance for healthcare documentation educators provides a much-needed resource for discussing the challenges related to healthcare documentation education, addressing standards for training, and exchanging ideas and insights about what works in the classroom, both in person and virtually. This group also works to evaluate trends and drivers in HIM education and the updates of the AHDI Model Curriculum. Currently, the Educators Alliance is actively promoting credentialing through the RHDS as a graduation exam and developing a database of educational schools and their characteristics.

Managers/Supervisors Alliance
This group is made of up industry managers and supervisors who have a vested interest in working together to identify the needs and challenges of healthcare documentation management, developing resources and standards for managers and supervisors, and exchanging ideas and insights about this important role in the industry. The alliance also develops online continuing education geared toward business management for managers/supervisors.

New Professionals Alliance
This alliance focuses on providing essential resources, networking, and career-building tools for up-and-coming professionals, those new to the field, and emerging leaders. AHDI Members joining the alliance will be able to build personal and professional connections, participate in the topics of the week discussions, and gain access to online events and resources to help build your career as a healthcare documentation professional.

Visually Impaired Transcriptionist Alliance (VITA)
This AHDI Alliance helps define and address the needs and challenges blind and visually impaired healthcare documentation specialists face. Join VITA to discuss important issues and brainstorm ideas with us of what can be done to improve resources available to blind and visually impaired HDSs.

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