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Networking in Groups: Teams and Work Groups

AHDI Teams and Work Groups are selected by application for the purpose of working closely with association staff throughout the year on specific association programs, events, and initiatives. These are working teams with assigned roles and deliverables.

Primary objective: Advisory and/or Operational Support.

Credentialing Development Team
This team is responsible for developing, revising, and determining test content for RMT and CMT exams, and sets policies related to credentialing. The CDT also develops the recertification process for RMT and serves as an item-writing development team for creating a repository of future exam questions.

Research & Development Team
The Research & Development Team is a working editorial team comprised of skilled, experienced writers and editors who work closely with the senior programs coordinator & editor to (a) generate relevant and timely content for association publications, (b) serve in an engaged journalism role for industry interviews and investigative reporting, (c) assist with pre-publication proofreading and editing,(d) generate CE quizzes for creditworthy publication feature articles, and (e) conduct terminology research for Benchmark KB.

Membership Advisory Workgroup
This group functions to support the member services and component relations staff with membership recruiting and retention, working to establish new educational and institutional component associations and grow membership through nondomestic chapters. This group serves in an advisory capacity to generate new and innovative ideas for growing association membership.

Outreach Workgroup for News and Networking (OWNN)
The primary objective of AHDI’s Outreach Workgroup for News and Networking (OWNN) consists of external messaging, oversight of the news and media, and viral communication to ensure delivery of a clear and unified message about who we are and what our contribution to healthcare delivery is and should be.

How can I participate on a team or work group?

Team and work group positions are vacated and filled at the end of each calendar year. During the year, members can be added to the group depending on vacancy and desire to serve. If you wish to work on an AHDI team or workgroup now or in the future, download, fill out, and submit the volunteer application below and an AHDI leader or staff liaison will follow up with you.

Volunteer Application Form