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Beyond the networking that is afforded by events and component involvement, the association has established committees, task forces, alliances (special interest groups), and team/workgroups for those members who wish get involved at a deeper level in association decision-making, oversight, planning, research, standards-setting, program development, and advocacy.

What do these groups do?

Committee – Standing, recurring decision-making bodies assigned to key policy and program areas essential to association operations. Leadership appointed by the AHDI president, with some exceptions. Primary objective: Oversight.

Committee List & Descriptions

Task Force – Appointed/assigned on an ad hoc basis by the National Leadership Board for a limited period of time with a specific charge/task for which parameters and deliverable deadlines have been set. Primary Objective: Research and Recommendation. Current task forces under assignment.

Task Force List & Descriptions

Alliance – Open to AHDI and CDIA members who wants to participate for the purpose of information exchange, networking, and addressing needs of special interest groups. Primary objective: Networking.

Alliance List & Descriptions

Team (or Work Group) – Selected by application for the purpose of working closely with association staff throughout the year on specific association programs, events, and initiatives. These are working teams with assigned roles and deliverables. Primary objective: Advisory and/or Operational Support.

Team/Work Group List & Descriptions

When do these groups meet?

The vast majority of committees and groups meet by online webinar several times a year (either quarterly or in association with a vote or decision pending approval by that committee or group). In addition to regular meetings, many of these groups also communicate regularly through an email listserv, a broadcast email service that allows committee/group members to network and communicate.

How can I get involved?

Consider each type of group engagement opportunity above and determine which area of interest or expertise fits you best. Download, fill out, and submit the volunteer application

Volunteer Application Form

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