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I joined AHDI in 1982 and became certified shortly thereafter. Without the support from AHDI and my local AHDI Chapter in helping me to grow and start to think outside the box, I most likely would never have gone on to explore other avenues for MTs, such as teaching, and I would never have started my own home-based business or attempted to start a training program for MTs. Being secluded in home-based positions, we need to get active with our local chapters and with AHDI so that we can network and communicate with others in our field. Keeping current with medical legal issues, training options, as well as updated terminology and technology, is something I always look to AHDI for assistance with.

Susan C. Francis, CMT, AHDI-F

AHDI has given me an awesome opportunity of networking with like co-workers and vendors that promote our profession who are members of our national organization. It is so energizing at a convention to be in the same room with 900 professionals who do the same thing you do every day. Whether it's running an MT business, being an MT vendor, or transcribing MT documentation, to have the opportunity to "talk shop" with colleagues is incredible. Wow! I'm not the ONLY one doing this!

Betsy Ertel, AHDI-F

I cannot survive as an isolated, "home island MT," working without a network. AHDI is a chain that links me to others and confirms that my issues are often the same as yours. I am not alone in what bugs me; and I do not have to re-invent solutions alone. Through AHDI, I have a pathway to continue my education at my own pace, and have opportunity to write articles for others to do the same.

Diana Gish, CMT, AHDI-F


Corporate Testimonials


Benefits of AHDI Membership on a corporate member level? We saved thousands of dollars on our liability insurance through the member benefit provided by AHDI and using their company! Well worth the dollars we spent on our membership investment!

Kathy Nicholls, CMT, AHDI-F
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AHDI Student Membership

If you are currently enrolled in a medical transcription program and not yet working in the field, student membership is for you. Membership gives you resources and opportunities to network to help you prepare for your career in healthcare documentation. Following graduation, you can take advantage of postgraduate membership for one year.

List Price:$55.00
Eligible Member Price:$55.00
AHDI Professional Membership

Individual Professional membership is for those working or involved in healthcare documentation and data capture. It gives you access to all individual member benefits, significant discounts, and full membership privileges.

List Price:$135.00
Eligible Member Price:$135.00
AHDI Postgraduate Member

New graduates from a medical transcription program who are not yet working in the field may join as a Postgraduate member for one year. Membership gives you resources, opportunities to earn continuing education credits, and networking to help you prepare for your career in healthcare documentation.

List Price:$85.00
Eligible Member Price:$85.00
AHDI Corporate Member

Corporate membership is available for healthcare delivery facilities, companies, or manufacturers that employs healthcare documentation specialists or provides services or products to the profession. This membership package provides your company with benefits to increase brand awareness in the sector, compliance and best practices tools, and select introductory and professional practice benefits for two representatives. Download the membership application to join today!

List Price:$400.00
Eligible Member Price:$400.00
AHDI Educational Member

Educational membership is for educational facilities that train medical transcriptionists. This membership package provides your institution with benefits to increase recognition in the sector and select introductory and professional practice benefits for two representatives. Download the membership application to join today!

List Price:$200.00
Eligible Member Price:$200.00