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There are a number of resources available to the healthcare documentation expert in today’s Internet age. More than ever before, an MT has access to new terminology, advances in clinical medicine, and changes and trends in the industry through online networking. But these resources cannot fully inform or prepare the conscientious practitioner for trends, drivers, and changes in any industry. Navigating the sea of information related to technology, standards, professional development, etc., can be difficult to manage alone. Associations exist to provide practitioners of a given industry the opportunity to work in concert toward the same goals.

If you are considering membership in AHDI, or any professional organization, it is important to start with a clear understanding of what a professional association is and a realistic expectation of what that association can accomplish with and for you as a practitioner.

What is the role of a professional association within an industry?

A professional association exists to elevate, educate, and empower the professionals within it to make sound choices on their own. It exists to be watchful of trends and changes within the industry and to impart that information to its members. It exists to promote excellence in education, practice and compensation within the profession. It can make strong recommendations and urge leadership within the industry to embrace high standards, but it cannot force those individuals to do so. The role of an association is to empower its professionals, not to control the industry or restrict the free trade of services within it.

To that end, AHDI offers its practitioners the opportunity for and access to resources, information, events, and services that empower them to make informed choices that lead to successful career outcomes. Together, we work to advance the profession through legislative advocacy, standard-setting, and professional development.

While AHDI members receive many tangible benefits (publications, discounts, etc.), the decision to become a member of any professional association should be based on more than a desire for tangible benefits. The decision to commit your personal resources toward AHDI membership should reflect the following:

  • Support of the mission, goals and objectives of the organization
  • Desire to become part of a proactive body of practitioners working toward advancing the profession and driving change in the industry
  • Need for information, services, products, and programs that will empower you as a practitioner
  • Need for networking and personnel connection with your industry peers, particularly if you are an at-home, isolated practitioner

Certainly, while advocacy and networking are valuable, we do recognize that members are looking for tangible benefits that make the investment of resources worthwhile. You will find that AHDI offers an impressive array of tangibles in all categories of membership:

AHDI Member Categories and Benefits

Becoming a Member

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AHDI Student Membership

If you are currently enrolled in a medical transcription program and not yet working in the field, student membership is for you. Membership gives you resources and opportunities to network to help you prepare for your career in healthcare documentation. Following graduation, you can take advantage of postgraduate membership for one year.

List Price:$55.00
Eligible Member Price:$55.00
AHDI Professional Membership

Individual Professional membership is for those working or involved in healthcare documentation and data capture. It gives you access to all individual member benefits, significant discounts, and full membership privileges.

List Price:$135.00
Eligible Member Price:$135.00
AHDI Postgraduate Member

New graduates from a medical transcription program who are not yet working in the field may join as a Postgraduate member for one year. Membership gives you resources, opportunities to earn continuing education credits, and networking to help you prepare for your career in healthcare documentation.

List Price:$85.00
Eligible Member Price:$85.00
AHDI Corporate Member

Corporate membership is available for healthcare delivery facilities, companies, or manufacturers that employs healthcare documentation specialists or provides services or products to the profession. This membership package provides your company with benefits to increase brand awareness in the sector, compliance and best practices tools, and select introductory and professional practice benefits for two representatives. Download the membership application to join today!

List Price:$400.00
Eligible Member Price:$400.00
AHDI Educational Member

Educational membership is for educational facilities that train medical transcriptionists. This membership package provides your institution with benefits to increase recognition in the sector and select introductory and professional practice benefits for two representatives. Download the membership application to join today!

List Price:$200.00
Eligible Member Price:$200.00