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Get Credentialed

AHDI offers two voluntary credentialing exams to individuals who wish to gain that extra edge in the medical transcription field. The Registered Healthcare Documentation Specialist (RHDS) and Certified Healthcare Documentation Specialist (CHDS) exams were developed to assure consumers and employers that successful candidates are qualified to practice healthcare documentation. AHDI’s purpose in promoting the credentials, including the RMT and CMT medical transcription-specific credentials, is to protect the public interest by promoting high professional and ethical standards, improving the practice of medical transcription and healthcare documentation, and recognizing those professionals who demonstrate their competency in the field through the fulfillment of stated requirements.

Remain Relevant

AHDI offers a wide variety of continuing education opportunities throughout the year. Each is cost effective, informative, and many are creditworthy. These opportunities can take you to take the next level in your career.

Build your Network

Networking with industry peers, employers, vendors, and leaders is critical to staying relevant in today’s healthcare documentation arena. There is no substitute for the insight, education, and perspective found through personal networking at industry events, whether national, state/regional, or local. This is particularly true of the medical transcription industry, where the emerging reality of an at-home virtual workforce has resulted in a fragmented and isolated industry of professionals who need real and relevant connection to each other and to the industry in which they hope to grow and thrive.

Between attending events, network online by connecting to AHDI social networks:



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Association Membership

  AHDI Membership offers healthcare documentation practitioners access to resources, information, events, and services that empower them to make informed choices that lead to successful career outcomes. Together, we work to advance the profession through legislative advocacy, standard-setting, and professional development. Join now
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