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2009 AHDI Hall of Fame Nominees

AHDI has started a member recognition program—the AHDI Hall of Fame—as part of our desire to highlight and recognize AHDI members at all levels of the association who are impacting our mission, goals, and objectives. AHDI will be awarding Hall of Fame status to up to 12 members on an annual basis starting in 2009. Hall of Fame winners will be announced at the AHDI Annual Convention & Expo and featured in association publications and on our website throughout the next year. From those 12 HOF winners, the AHDI Member of the Year will be selected by the national awards committee and announced at ACE.

Learn more about the Hall of Fame program and how your component can get involved at www.ahdionline.org/ Get Connected/Governance/AHDI Components.


Name: Dianna Hall, CMT, AHDI-F

Component: Michigan Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

Executive Leadership Positions (state level): Michigan Delegate, President, Immediate Past President, Secretary

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): Bay Area Chapter President, Immediate Past President, Vice President

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): Delegate Lead Team, Membership Advisory Council, Nominating Committee, Sustained Structure Task Force, National Task Force for Component Relations, Membership Committee

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state): Alliance with Michigan AHIMA

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): Educational alliance with Mid-Michigan Chapter in joint annual symposium and RMT/CMT study group

“Dianna is very dedicated to the members of the association at every level. At every component meeting, she welcomes new members and answers all questions to the best of her ability. She is always the first to volunteer when something needs to be done. She always takes the extra step to ensure the success of any project. Dianna is a skilled communicator, easily transferring information to all association components. Dianna’s experience within the association makes her a very valuable resource for future leaders.”

“Dianna is not afraid to advocate for change to further our association, even when there is strong resistance to that change.”

Nominated by: Patricia McLellan; Paul Schaub, RN, MA; and Sheila Guston, CMT, and members of the Michigan Association



Name: Pati AR Howard, CMT, AHDI-F

Component: Online Association

Executive Leadership Positions (state/regional level): President-elect of OA-AHDI for 2009.

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): Board of Directors of CFC-AAMT for four years.

Task Forces, Alliances (national):

  1. Served on AAMT Dictation Best Practices Task Force.
  2. Current member of Editorial Content Team.
  3. Researcher for the KB project.
  4. Mentored three MT students (now graduated and employed) through AAMT.

Published Works and Presentation Experience:

  1. Four book/educational projects with Lippincott Williams & Wilkins/Wolters Kluwer Health (Stedman’s). Created research criteria for another word book project that began in July 2006 (published January 2008).
  2. Participant in “Transcribing Verbatim vs. Editing” panel discussion at the AAMT National Convention,
    August 2006.
  3. Member of “panel of experts” for the Advance Magazine and author of Cryptophile column of the same publication starting January 2009.
  4. Gave a presentation to the Medical Office Management class of Valencia Community College in January 2007.
  5. Authored five guest editorials for the Advance Magazine in the last two years.
  6. Authored several articles for JAAMT, Health Data Matrix, and Plexus publications.

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state/regional):

  1. Newsletter editor for CFC-AAMT. Named CFC-AAMT Member of the Year in 1991.
  2. Current newsletter editor for “Bridging Boundaries” for the OA-AHDI.
  3. Member of the OA-AHDI Legislative, Membership, Finance, and Fundraising Committees.

Local/Institutional Leadership/Service History:

  1. Coordinator of The Normals Project (the creation and maintenance of predefined text) for Orlando Regional Healthcare System HIM/Medical Transcription Department since 1995.
  2. Served on advisory board for Medical Office Management program of Valencia Community College.
  3. Past member of the Advisory Board in Orange County for Children and Family Services.
  4. Member of the MetroPlan Board (a tri-county board), Citizen’s Advisory Committee, representing the city of Orlando.

“Pati is the biggest fan and supporter of our Online Association-AHDI. She is the very enthusiastic editor of our ‘Bridging Boundaries’ newsletter. She is an active member of four committees: Legislative, Fundraising, Membership, and Finance Committees. She is a constant presence on our message boards with encouragement and advice for all members. She is the current President-elect of the Online Association. She is a leader in her workplace and community. She has the complete confidence of our entire board and association membership.”

“Pati is not afraid to take on a challenge. She will get involved when no others will! She has a contagious enthusiasm that spreads to other members in our association. She is an optimistic voice for our profession and its future. She is a tireless promoter of credentialing for our membership. She always takes the time to welcome a new member, congratulate someone on an accomplishment, and share her opinions and advice on topics being discussed. She has 23 years of experience as a transcriptionist, and she shares that knowledge and experience with our entire membership.”

Nominated by: Members of the Online Association



Name: Kathy Muelker, CMT

Component: Capital Chapter of AHDI, Austin, Texas

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): 2008 President of Capital Chapter of AHDI (2nd term)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): Membership Advisory Council

Published Works and Presentation Experience:

  • 2/15/08 – Facilitated “MT BINGO” for 1 CEC Clinical Medicine at TAHDI Annual meeting
  • 7/19/08 – Facilitated “MT Jeopardy” for 1 CEC Clinical Medicine at Capital Chapter meeting
  • 11/18/08 – Presentation for military spouses in Killeen/Fort Hood at Career Connections Seminar
  • 1/17/09 – Presented “Benchmark KB: A New Resource for MTs” for 0.5 CEC MT Tools at Capital Chapter meeting

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state/regional):

  • On-site coordinator for the 2008 Texas AHDI Annual Meeting
  • Member of the planning committee for the 2009 Texas AHDI Annual Meeting
  • Substituted as chapter representative to Texas AHDI meetings when necessary

Local/Institutional Leadership/Service History: As President, Kathy has conducted presentations for medical transcription students at:

  • Austin Community College in Austin
  • McLennan Junior College in Waco
  • MTS of Texas in Round Rock

“Kathy has excelled in the area of communication on behalf of the chapter. She has responded quickly, graciously, and enthusiastically to all who have contacted her for information about the chapter and its activities. She has encouraged countless MTs and prospective MTs—how to get started, where to get information, and emphasized the value of coming to chapter meetings. Her communication skills also were evidenced by leading us in two military spouse presentations, editing several editions of the newsletter, creating and maintaining a website, and publicizing the chapter via frequent emails to members and prospects, mailing brochures, distributing business card magnets, and placing our event information on the AHDI calendar of events and in Plexus. Communication has been the tool through which our chapter has grown, and it has been spearheaded by Kathy. It has been through her communication skills that our chapter has grown in membership numbers and in enthusiasm.”

“Kathy has led by example. She has served our chapter well by setting high standards and goals that stretched our faithful small number, yet were reachable and attainable goals. Her actions and methods have always been done in an organized manner, and there has never been any question about her integrity or trustworthiness. Kathy quickly recognizes the accomplishments and work of others—including honoring our past chapter presidents during our 25th anniversary year. Her optimism has been infectious, and our chapter has been fortunate to have her as our leader.”

Nominated by: Members of the Capital Chapter of AHDI



Name: Jeanne Nienhuis

Component: Greater Jacksonville Chapter

State/Regional Leadership/Service History Committees, Task Forces, Alliances:

  • Fundraising Chair 2007
  • Onsite Coordinator for the 2008 Florida Annual Meeting

Local/Institutional Leadership/Service History

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances:

  • Program Co-Chair 2006-2008
  • Fl. Chapter Representative 2007
  • Fundraising Chair 2008

Executive Leadership (component offices):

  • President 2006
  • Immediate Past President 2007
  • Secretary 2008

“Jeanne has added so much value to the Greater Jacksonville Chapter over the years. She is always generously giving of her time, knowledge, and resources to the chapter. She puts forth great effort in whatever project she is working on, whether it is obtaining speakers, making book beads for fundraising, transcribing minutes, etc. She has great suggestions and isn’t afraid to voice her opinion. She has been and continues to be a wonderful mentor to many people; she is probably unaware of the lives she has impacted. She always greets you with a smile and makes every member, new or old, feel welcome and ‘at home.’ Jeanne is one of a kind—a shining star—and GJC’s 2008 Member of the Year.”

“Jeanne has been an active member of the GJC for well over a decade and has served tirelessly on committees and the board, promoting membership and awareness of the MT profession.”

Nominated by: Members of the Greater Jacksonville Chapter