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  • It takes a village—Join our alliances and components to build your professional support group with whom you can discuss important topics and to establish lasting connections
  • Get answers you need—AHDI's Professional Practices help desk has you covered when questions arise, giving you confidence to take back to your workplace.

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  • Learn the latest trends and technologies—AHDI and our partners bring you courses and professional development resources to enhance your lifelong learning and to support your career goals.
  • Discover success stories and new career opportunities—AHDI's educational programs deliver case studies to demonstrate what has worked and what did not work from the best and brightest in the field. No matter if the program is in person or online, you will take home skills to pave your way into the future.
  • Continuing education on demand—AHDI now offers you access to an exclusive list of previously recorded webinar sessions with our Online Learning Library. Webinars found in the archives will rotate every 6 months to give you access to a wide variety of credit-worthy topics.

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  • Don't waste your valuable time with endless online searches—AHDI's magazine, Plexus, provides advice on advancing your career, explores new technology as it emerges, and shares best practices so that you can stand apart from the crowd, and you can access past issues online.

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