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Compensation Best Practices Toolkit (panel discussion) - Available
October 8, 2015 01:00PM- October 8, 2015 02:00PM

Title: Compensation Best Practices Toolkit (panel discussion)
Presenters: Sherry Doggett; Joyce Smith; Patricia King; Carole Gilbert, RHIT, CHTS-IM; Cheryl Klopcic, RN, BSN, CMT, RHIT
Date: October 8, 2015
Time:1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET
CE Credits: 1 PD

Many changes have occurred within the transcription industry that have affected wages dramatically.  A group of managers and other industry leaders formed a task force earlier this year to address the many issues that impact transcription pay:  differences in transcription platforms and associated technical issues, staff skill sets, difference in work environments, patient acuity mix, lack of staff training, speech editing versus traditional transcription, difference in pay models, QA impact on pay, etc.  We also reviewed new emerging roles with implementation of EHRs, and how best to pay.  This session will include an overview of the Compensation Best Practices toolkit and how to address pay issues within your own organization or MTSO.  The toolkit includes best practices for different settings and the impact of various pay models on those settings.   Tips for evaluating the impact of your technical systems and your staff skills sets on various pay models are also included.  
Learning Objectives
• Learn how to evaluate various pay models and determine the impact of each on your organization or MTSO. 
• Learn how different text platforms or speech engines may impact your pay model and how to improve your staff’s performance through process improvement and staff involvement
• Learn how to sell your ideas to upper management

Presenter's Bio

Sherry Doggett is an AHDI past president (2011-2012), having served two terms on the board. She is an active member of the AHDI Manager/Supervisor’s Steering Committee and served as chair of the AHDI National Past Presidents Council. She retired May 1, 2013, as Director of Corporate Transcription Services UC Health in Cincinnati, Ohio, a multi-hospital integrated delivery system.
Joyce Smith is the manager of Transcription and Document Integrity for Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Spectrum Health is a large integrated teaching health care system with 11 hospitals, a 600+ physician medical group, and a health plan serving western Michigan. Joyce currently serves as the Newsletter Editor for the Great Lakes Region AHDI, and serves on the AHDI Managers/Supervisors Alliance. 
Patricia (Patt) King is the manager of HIM Transcription for Tucson Medical Center and TMC Healthcare in Tucson, Arizona.  Tucson Medical Center, licensed at more than 600 beds, has been Tucson’s locally-governed nonprofit regional hospital for over 70 years. Patt is experienced in all aspects of transcription during her 30 years in the industry.  The Compensation Best Practices Task Force is Patt’s first experience working with AHDI. 
Carole J. Gilbert, RHIT, CHTS-IM, has been a medical language specialist for over 42 years and is the owner of Gilbert Medical Transcription Services, Inc. Carole has participated in panel discussions and presentations on numerous topics related to the MT industry for vocational transcription programs at local and state chapters of AHDI and AHIMA. She is currently serving as the 2015-2016 Secretary for the Central Florida Chapter of AHDI.
Cheryl Klopcic, RN, BSN, CMT, RHIT, has worked for Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) for 25 years as a medical transcriptionist and transcription supervisor. SIH is a 3-hospital system with a large medical group and clinic serving the entire southern Illinois area. Cheryl has been active in AHDI for many years and has published numerous articles in For The Record and Advance. She teaches medical-related classes at John A. Logan College.

Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, registering will enable you to automatically receive a link to the recorded webinar 24 hours after the live presentation ends.  

List Price:$25.00
Eligible Member Price:$15.00

Speech Recognition Editing Productivity & QA Feedback - Available
June 10, 2015 01:00PM- June 10, 2015 02:00PM

Title: Speech Recognition Editing Productivity & QA Feedback
Presenters: Liz Harmeson, CMT, RHIA; Regina Buchwald
Date: June 10, 2015
Time:1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET
CE Credits: 1 MTT

Join us for an overview of speech recognition editing and navigation, in which we will explore tips and techniques for managing and increasing individual editor production. By design, documentation specialists' takeaways will include being able to combine their own expertise with the strategies outlined to increase their production and motivation.
Quality Assurance (QA) feedback is a critical component of expanding an editor's knowledge base, so the nature of QA feedback and its effect on production will be discussed as well. Work smarter, not harder, by employing these simple techniques. 
Learning Objectives:
1. Review best practices to increase editing production/income
2. Review basic editing shortcuts to maximize production
3. Understand the behavioral implications that can directly affect editing productivity
4. To understand and manage the role of QA feedback on production

Presenter's Bio

Liz Harmeson, CMT, RHIA, has an extensive health information and transcription background with 10+ years' acute care transcription during high school and college, followed by 20 years in HIM management at the Director/Manager level. She returned to the transcription sector in 2008 and obtained her CMT. She has worked as a voice recognition and QA editor/trainer and mentor. 
Regina Buchwald has served as M*Modal’s Vice President of Worldwide Quality since March 2015, with the primary responsibility of ensuring quality metrics across all parameters are met within the organization. Mrs. Buchwald joined M*Modal in 2002 as a medical transcriptionist, advancing to serve as quality assurance specialist, production supervisor, senior operational analyst, radiology production manager, director of operations, and vice president of operations in the west prior to moving into her current role. She has 20 years of healthcare industry experience.

Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, registering will enable you to automatically receive a link to the recorded webinar 24 hours after the live presentation ends.  

List Price:$25.00
Eligible Member Price:$15.00

Beyond Transcription—Blazing New Trails - Available
November 9, 2015 11:00AM- November 9, 2015 12:00PM

Title: Beyond Transcription - Blazing New Trails
Presenters: Melissa Harper, Kathy Vome, Angela Griggs, Sheila Guston, Lucy Koch, Lori Pospiech, and Janine Woodhull
Date: November 9, 2015
Time:11 a.m. PT/2 p.m. ET
CE Credits: 1 PD

As healthcare documentation specialists (HDSs) continue to reinvent themselves professionally and transition to new and exciting occupations, join us to hear from four individuals—former documentation specialists—who have taken that step. These individuals have applied their medical transcription skills and knowledge in their new and exciting positions.

This session will be of interest to students, educators, HDSs, independent contractors, business owners, supervisors, and managers in the healthcare documentation industry. Panelists will tell about their current positions, describe the HDS skills that helped them prepare for their roles, and tell about their prior education/experience that might have been helpful in these or similar roles. There will be ample time left for questions, and we encourage webinar attendees to engage with the panelists for answers to their own burning questions.   
Learning Objectives
1. Explore facilities around the country incorporating healthcare documentation specialist skills into new roles.
2. Identify skills and experience applicable to new occupations.
3. Learn additional education recommendations for new opportunities.


Melissa Harper, manager, IS&T Clinical Documentation Services
Kathy Vome, quality coordinator
Angela Griggs, clinical documentation analyst

Sheila Guston, CHDS, AHDI-F, supervisor, HIM Document Integrity
Lucy Koch, document integrity auditor
Lori Pospiech, physician informatics liaison I
Janine Woodhull, supervisor, Transcription/Document Integrity 

Even if you can’t attend the live webinar, registering will enable you to automatically receive a link to the recorded webinar 24 hours after the live presentation ends.  

List Price:$25.00
Eligible Member Price:$15.00

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