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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Productivity Tips for Editors and HDSs II - Available
January 8, 2015 12:00PM- January 8, 2015 02:00PM

Title: Work Smarter, Not Harder: Productivity Tips for Editors and HDSs II
Presenter: Kim Buchanan, CHDS, AHDI-F; Vallie Piloian, CHDS, AHDI-F
Date: January 8, 2015
Time: 12-2 p.m. PT/3-5 p.m. ET
CE Credits: 2 MT Tools

Description:There is more to productivity than how fast you can transcribe or edit. After a successful session at ACE2013, presenters Kim and Vallie are back to share even more proven tips gathered from dozens of working editors and transcriptionists to help make you more productive, including keyboard shortcuts, useful websites, ergonomics, time management, equipment tips, and more. Come ready to share YOUR productivity tips with other participants.

This is a 2-hour presentation. Not able to attend live? You may still purchase and register for this webinar. The webinar recording will automatically be emailed 24 hours after the event ends.

Speaker Biographies:Ms. Buchanan is the Senior Manager of NTS Training and Development at Nuance. She was named AHDI Educator of the Year in 2010 and is an AHDI Past President.

Ms. Piloian is manager of Learning and Development at Nuance. She is AHDI-FL 2014 Member of the Year and an AHDI Past President.

List Price:$30.00
Eligible Member Price:$20.00

Partners in Quality: Why Quality Matters and How to Achieve It - Available
January 13, 2015 01:00PM- January 13, 2015 02:00PM

Title: Partners in Quality: Why Quality Matters and How to Achieve It
Presenter: Christine Tyrrell
Date:January 13, 2015
Time:1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET
CE Credits: 1 MTT

Description: The EHR has become the Swiss-army-knife of healthcare documentation, used for many different purposes, by many different parties, and created by multiple contributors and techniques. Whether healthcare documentation is created as traditional transcription by a healthcare documentation specialist, an outsourced vendor, or speech recognition (front-end or back-end), or directly into the EHR by a clinician, a quality assurance program is essential for measuring and maintaining documentation accuracy and completeness. Learn how a robust quality process supports professional and effective communication, knowledge-based decision making, and better team-work. Understand the evolving principles of quality assessment in a changing healthcare documentation environment. Become proactive partners by tracking, analyzing, and sharing quality metrics and insights with all the stakeholders in your system to ensure documentation integrity, and most importantly, patient safety.

Speaker Biography: Christine Tyrrell is the owner of Tyrrell Software and creator of TQAudit, a healthcare documentation quality management software tool, for which she won an AHDI Innovation Through Technology award. She has been active in many AHDI and AHIMA healthcare documentation quality initiatives, including the new Clinician-Created Documentation Resource Kit. She has helped many MTSOs, hospitals and schools to establish their quality processes using TQAudit.

List Price:$25.00
Eligible Member Price:$15.00

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EHR Playbook for Transcription Managers eBook

The EHR is shaking up medical transcription departments around the country. As a manager, supervisor, or small business owner, it's imperative for you...

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