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RMT Exam Audio Objectives (RHDS Ready)

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RMT Exam Audio Objectives

This audio CD was created to give you a clear assessment of your ability to apply what you know to what you hear for exam preparation. Practicing using this CD is a unique opportunity to experience the audio objectives aligned with the blue print prior to sitting for the exam.

While the RMT Exam Guide focuses on the multiple-choice questions found on the first part of this level 1 exam, the RMT Exam Audio Objectives enhances study by providing a guide for understanding the blue print objectives, the types of excerpts and blanks you will encounter that best fit each objective, as well as practice transcribing against the audio. Created by Lea M. Sims, CMT, AHDI-F, users will find:

  • 14 audio objectives designed to evaluate ability to practically apply knowledge and diagnostic understanding to the transcription process.
  • 56 dictated clips with fill-in-the-blank transcription to test a candidate’s knowledge, skill, and ability to practice medical transcription effectively.
  • Audio excerpts that focus on words and phrases that relate specifically to the objective for which they are provided to offer examples.
  • Ability to manipulate the audio player to rewind or fast forward each excerpt.
  • Focus not only on word recognition, but also on appropriate expression.
  • Answer key for self-evaluation.

Combined with the RMT Exam Guide, the RMT Exam Audio Objectives will help you to prepare for the examination ahead.

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List Price:$50.00
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