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Mega Challenge I CD

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Mega Challenge I CD

Created by Brenda Hurley, CMT, AHDI-F and donated to AHDI by Medware, this product contains over 700 questions related to the practice of medical transcription. You'll find questions pertaining to medical terminology, English fundamentals, pharmacology, and so much more, covering an array of medical specialties. A broad variety of question formats (including multiple-choice, true/false, circle one, fill in the blank, etc.) are designed to fully test the wealth of knowledge essential to the practice of transcription. Whether used for self-evaluation, staff training, potential employee testing or classroom instruction, this product is designed to help meet those needs. This comprehensive disk contains a .pdf file in an easy, printable format as well as the answer key. The answer key has a full description of the answer with reference information, including web addresses where available.

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