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Acute Care Module - August 2014

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Valid from: August 1, 2014 12:00AM - October 25, 2014 12:00AM

Acute Care Module - August 2014

OAK Horizons and AHDI have bundled five (5) of their continuing education modules (Cardiology, Respiratory, Gastroenterology, Orthopedics, and General Surgery) into an Acute Care Module to help clinic medical transcriptionists move into the acute care arena. The course covers basic acute care documentation to include discharge summaries, history and physicals, consults, emergency department notes, and operative notes. Each specialty covers basic anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, disease process, pharmacology, laboratory, operative procedures and specialty specific transcription. 


This is an online independent study opportunity. The module will be open for three (3) months with unlimited access. There is continual testing and evaluation throughout the program. Candidates transcribe and verify their work through transcription keys provided for each report. Quizzes are autocorrected and can be retaken at the candidate’s leisure.


Required References:

Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 3rd Edition – Sims

Language of Medicine (version 6 or higher) - Chabner


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