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ASTM E2364 Speech Recognition Technology Products - Available

ASTM E2364 Speech Recognition Technology Products

ASTM E2364-04: Standard Guide to Speech Recognition Technology Products in Health Care. This guide identifies system types and describes various features of speech recognition technology (SRT) products used to create the healthcare record. This will assist users (healthcare information professionals, medical report originators, administrators, medical transcriptionists, speech recognition medical personnel, trainers, and others) to make informed decisions relating to the design and utilization of SRT systems.

List Price:$10.00
Eligible Member Price:$8.00

Book of Style 3rd Edition electronic formats (Only for the Visually Impaired) - Available

Book of Style 3rd Edition PDF - Visually Impaired

The Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 3rd Edition, in PDF, Braille, Word, and print formats for the Visually Impaired. Purchasers must provide proof of impairment to complete purchase.

AHDI sincerely thanks Jean Menzies for her very generous donation of the Braille version of the Book of Style, 3rd edition, so that this may benefit others.

Regular List Price: $70
Regular Eligible Member Price: $50

List Price:$70.00
Eligible Member Price:$50.00

Willie Getwell eBook

Willie Getwell eBook

Long-time AHDI members will recall the Willie Getwell proofreading exercises that were a regular feature in JAAMT.

List Price:$25.00
Eligible Member Price:$15.00

The Book of Style Workbook, 3rd Edition PDF - Available

The Book of Style Workbook, 3rd Edition, in PDF, Word, and print formats are available for the visually impaired. Purchasers must provide proof of impairment to complete purchase.

List Price:$50.00
Eligible Member Price:$35.00

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