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2010 AHDI Hall of Fame Nominees

The AHDI Hall of Fame member recognition program highlights AHDI members at all levels of the association who are impacting our mission, goals, and objectives. Hall of Fame winners are announced at the AHDI Annual Convention & Expo and will be featured in association publications and on our website throughout the next year. From those HOF winners, the AHDI Member of the Year was selected by the national awards committee and announced at ACE.

Learn more about the Hall of Fame program and how your component can get involved at www.ahdionline.org/ Get Connected/Governance/AHDI Components.

Name: Kathy Dominguez, CMT, AHDI-F

Component: Mid-Michigan Chapter

Executive Leadership Positions (national level): 1st Alternate Delegate (2009)

Executive Leadership Positions (state level): President (2009), President-Elect (2008), Secretary (2007)

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): President (2007-10), Vice President (2006), Secretary (2005), Chapter Rep (2003-04)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): Membership Advisory Work Group Chair (2009), Membership Advisory Work Group Member (2008), Purpose Group Leader for SSTF (2008)

Published Works and Presentation Experience:

  1. PowerPoint webinar for 1st timers at ACE - “Must Do Events at Ace 09”
  2. PowerPoint presentation at the HOD - MMC Building Bridges for MT School Approval
  3. Town Hall Meeting Presentation, Membership Advisory Group, Q&A Session, Facebook Presentation
  4. ACE Presentation via skit “Scam U”
  5. PowerPoint presentation for Huron River Chapter - “A Student’s Guide to AHDI”

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): MMC Representative to Advocacy Summit (2009)

“Kathy is a very motivated and driven individual. She has a genuine ability to mentor others by example. She has worked very hard in the past year to strengthen our alliance at the state level with MHIMA. At every opportunity, she is sharing with others what Medical Transcription is and how important it is as it relates to their medical record. She has worked with several physicians in her area to inform them about preparing for EHR and what it means to their practice and their patients. She is an inspiration to others to have the same passion about the profession as she does. It is her heart and soul and something she is very proud of.”

Name: Gayle H. Faggetti, CMT, AHDI-F

Component: Arkansas Association for Healthcare Document Integrity (AAHDI)

Executive Leadership Positions (state level): AAHDI President (2006-08), Immediate Past President (2009-10)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): AHDI Ethics Committee (2010)

Published Works and Presentation Experience:

  1. Published Article: Plexus, September 2006, “Come out of Your Box”
  2. Professional Presentation: Speaker to Baptist School of Nursing and Allied Health (medical transcription students), Little Rock, Arkansas with Q&A sessions, 2002, 2003, and 2004
  3. Peer Presentation: “MT Supervisor Forum: What to Look for When Hiring an MT”, AAHDI State Symposium, April 12, 2005, Hot Springs, Arkansas
  4. Peer Presentation: “The Heart of the Profession”, AAHDI State Symposium, May 4, 2007, Little Rock, Arkansas

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state): Symposium Planning Committee (2006-08)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): AAHDI Member of the Year (2009)

“Gayle has been a member of AAMT and then AAHDI for many years. At our State Symposium in 2005, she participated on a panel and spoke on hiring MTs from the viewpoint of a transcription service owner. Gayle served three terms as AAHDI President in 2006, 2007, and 2008. She did an excellent job as president and served the Association well even during a time of change and stress in her own professional life as she started a new and very successful business. She continues to serve on the Board as Immediate Past President and provides input and support for the current officers. Gayle earned and maintains her CMT credential, and she encourages the MTs with whom she works to do the same. She is the epitome of professionalism and undeniably promotes the field of healthcare documentation.”

Name: Lisa Farragut

Component: Online Association

Executive Leadership Positions (state level): Online Association Vice President (2010), Online Association Board Member (2010), CAMT Treasurer (2000-01, 2007), CAMT President-Elect (2002), CAMT President (2003), CAMT Immediate Past President (2004)

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): Orange Empire Chapter Treasurer (1997-2001), Orange Empire Chapter President (2006)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): Member of Task Force (2004 and 2006)

Published Works and Presentation Experience: Speaker at AAMT Leadership Conference (2001 and 2003)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state): Online Association Advertising/Publicity Chair (2009-10), CAMT Treasurer (2000-01, 2007), CAMT President-Elect (2002), CAMT President (2003), CAMT Immediate Past President (2004), CAMT Member of the Year Chair (2004), CAMT Membership Chair (2003-05), CAMT Database Chair (2003-06), CAMT Website Chair (2002, 2004-07), CAMT Workshop Chair (2004-05), CAMT Publicity Chair (2003-06), CAMT Annual Meeting Volunteer (1999-2007)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): Orange Empire Chapter Representative to CAMT (1999 and 2006)

“Lisa has implemented more organization within the board of directors itself with the Online Association focusing on AHDI initiatives, especially promoting AHDI as the parent organization and AHDI membership. The board has set goals and gotten more involved in advocacy for the profession through Lisa's leadership. Lisa leads by example. She never asks anyone to do anything that she herself is not willing to do. The Online Association president has taken a protracted step back due to health concerns, and Lisa has stepped up to fill in and lead.”

Name: Amy Harper, CMT

Component: AHDI-West

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): Treasurer for River Cities Chapter, 2008.

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): Legislative Alliance (2008), Participant in Advocacy Day.

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state): Chair of the Education/Credentialing Focus Group for AHDI

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): Helped with RCC Symposium.

“Amy got an Education/Credentialing focus group up and running to enter the Credentialing Cup 2-1/2 months after our formation and added seven new RMT/CMTs to our region! Mentored another graduate of our course who is now leading the study group. She also attended Advocacy Day last year and added a lot to the conversation.”

Name: Norma Lopresti, CMT, AHDI-F

Component: PA-AHDI

Executive Leadership Positions (national level): AAMT Board of Directors (1996-97)

Executive Leadership Positions (state level): PAMT President (1998-2002)

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): Lehigh Valley Chapter President (1992-1995)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): AAMT Membership Committee Chair (1996); member (1994-1995), AAMT Ethics Committee (1998 and 2000), AAMT Contributor for the development of ESL Project, “Skill-building with Accents,” (1998), CMT proctor, AAMT ACE volunteer (1992-93, 1995, 1998), AAMT HOD Teller

Published Works and Presentation Experience:

  1. Published in JAAMT, “Is the Profession We Love So Much Dangerous to Our Health?” – July/August 1998
  2. Published JAAMT “Notes on the News” x5 issues, 2000-2001
  3. Professional Presentations:
    • “Committee Tune Up” – MDAMT, 1997
    • “The Four Aces: Technology, Knowledge, Grammar, AAMT” – GAMT, 1997
    • “Popular Web Sites for MTs” – LVC, 2000
    • “Adventures in Medical Tongue” – PAMT, 2001
  4. Reviewer for Direct Learning Systems on-line MT educational program for a local-based independent study, Emmaus, PA - 2003

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state): PAMT and PA-AHDI Treasurer (2006-2009), Planning Committee for Exhibiting at the PHIMA annual meeting (2008-2009), PAMT and PA-AHDI Annual Meeting & Educational Conference Planning Committee (2006-2009; 1998-2002)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): LVC Newsletter Editor (1992), LVC Nominating Committee, PA-AHDI Member of the Year (2009)

“Norma, despite being diagnosed with a very aggressive ovarian cancer, asked to still be treasurer of our state. Even undergoing treatment she persevered with her duties. She has always been upbeat and dedicated to whatever she commits to. She had a huge role as treasurer – she took it upon herself to take classes in an accounting program to do the best job possible. As a president of the state, she worked tirelessly to move the state forward.”

“Norma is the kind of person who is supportive of any initiative PA has been involved in. She was very involved and supported our first PA-AHDI Lobby Day in Harrisburg. She has been very involved with membership, making outreach connections, getting her fellow MTs involved. Teaching has been a passion and she is very supportive of our efforts with this on the state, local and national levels. She was an adjunct teacher at Northampton Community College, 2002.”

Name: April Martin, RHIA, CMT, AHDI-F

Component: Huron River Chapter

Executive Leadership Positions (national level): AHDI Director and Board Partner

Executive Leadership Positions (state level): President, Michigan Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): President, Greater Detroit Chapter; President, Southeast Michigan Chapter; President Huron River Chapter

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (national): AAMT/AHDI Advocacy Day

Published Works and Presentation Experience: Presentations at local and state level regarding HIPAA compliance issues and the benefits of association involvement, as well as the importance of cooperation among the various organizations in industry advocacy. She has also been published in JAAMT.

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (state): Alliance formation with MHIMA and MAHDI.

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): CMT Study Group Leader, Huron River Chapter Member of the Year (2009)

“April is very dedicated to the transcription profession. She has incredible drive and energy, pursuing her goals of obtaining CMT, AHDI-F, RHIT, and RHIA while, at the same time, remaining actively involved in local, state, and national organizations, even founding new chapters, Southeast Michigan Chapter and Huron River Chapter. She was in Washington, DC, during the first AAMT Lobby Day and has attended Advocacy Days in the years since. April is doggedly persistent and earnest when she truly believes in something. She readily takes on responsibility and delegates duties effectively.”

“April has been very involved in Mission: Possible Initiative #7, creating liaison between the Michigan Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity and the Michigan Health Information Management Association. She has also persuaded MHIMA to offer a “transcription track” at its 2010 Convention in Troy, Michigan, and has arranged for a full slate of speakers on that date.”

Name: Lynne Sicignano

Component: Greater Jacksonville Chapter

Executive Leadership Positions (local level): Treasurer (2009)

Committees, Task Forces, Alliances (local): Advertising/Publicity Committee (2006-07), Student Outreach (2007), MT Week Coordinator (2006-2008), GJC Member of the Year (2009).

“Lynne has shown complete dedication to the Greater Jacksonville Chapter by all of her hard work this year as Treasurer. Lynne has been a faithful member of GJC for several years and joined as a student member when she was taking the M-TEC course. She served as the Advertising/Publicity Chair for GJC for several years, and she was able to secure GJC an audience with the mayor for National MT Week for three consecutive years. Her input into chapter business has always been thoughtful and insightful. She is dependable and gives every project her full effort despite the added responsibilities of being wife, full-time employee, and primary caretaker of her elderly parents. Lynne is the epitome of a dedicated volunteer and very deserving of the recognition of Member of the Year for 2009.”