2013 AHDI Integrity Award Winners Minimize


This award serves to recognize an Individual Professional member who has demonstrated excellence in the area of medical transcription education, either as an educational program instructor/coordinator, as a contributor to AHDI educational programs/initiatives, or as a trainer/instructor of online or on-site continuing education programs for AHDI members and/or the industry. These activities can be from either sustained, long-term contributions as an educator or through a single unique, high-impact contribution made to industry education during the calendar year prior to nomination.

Congratulations: Diane M. Gilmore, CMT, AHDI-F


This award serves to recognize a Corporate member or Individual Professional member who employs healthcare documentation specialists (medical transcriptionists, medical editors, speech recognition editors, and quality assurance specialists), for outstanding commitment to the professional development of our workforce. The winner of this award will demonstrate a commitment to employee professional development, credentialing, and a safe, productive work environment as well as strong support of AHDI programs, initiatives, and standards.

Congratulations: Shumaker Transcription Service


This award serves to recognize a credentialed professional who has demonstrated a unique and measurable contribution to the industry through promotion of professional credentialing through either sustained, long-term support or through a unique, high-impact contribution made to the credentialing program/process during the calendar year prior to nomination. The winner will exemplify a commitment to promote credentialing and contribute to the goals of the credentialing program at AHDI, promote medical transcription as a profession, and set an example of leadership relating to medical transcription and to credentialing in particular.

Congratulations: Tracey Walter, RMT


This award serves to recognize an individual or corporation for outstanding technology knowledge and/or innovation related to the profession of medical transcription. The winner of this award will have demonstrated a measurable and instrumental impact on the industry through the development and/or use of innovative technologies, possess unique leadership characteristics that distinguish the nominee from peers and others in the technology sector and demonstrate consistent support of AHDI’s technology goals and objectives.

Congratulations: New England Medical Transcription


This award serves to recognize an individual for outstanding contribution to the AHDI through relevant service and activities that have advanced the mission, goals, and objectives of the Association. In addition to being an AHDI member, the winner must demonstrate measurable and instrumental engagement in promoting/advancing association initiatives, possess unique leadership characteristics that distinguish the nominee from peers and others in their component organization, and be an energetic leader who has stimulated others to actively participate in association objectives and initiatives.

Congratulations: Sandra Shumaker, CMT, AHDI-F


This award serves to recognize an AHDI component organization that has engaged in unique initiatives and activities deemed to have had a measurable impact on component growth, retention, and/or professional development of its members. The component honored with this award will have demonstrated creative and innovative leadership in membership engagement and participation, measurable growth and/or retention of members through innovative recruiting and retention strategies, program and event planning that created new, dynamic member experiences, use of new or innovative technologies to connect to and communicate with members, measurable success in mentoring new association leaders, and/or measurable success in promoting key AHDI initiatives, such as credentialing through study groups, workforce recruitment, school approval mentoring, etc.

Congratulations: Mid-Michigan Chapter


In honor of educator Marilyn Craddock, this award serves to recognize an outstanding industry student for a contemplative and informed response to the Association’s annual essay contest. Each year, staff and leadership determine an essay topic which is relevant and timely to the state of the industry. Students actively enrolled in a medical transcription program were asked to submit an essay on the subject “Why We Matter to Healthcare” and to address their legislators on the important role of medical transcriptionists and editors in healthcare delivery. Judging was based on clarity of content, organization, creativity, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. The following student submitted the winning essay:

Congratulations: Katrina Watkins

Distinguished Service

This award serves to recognize an individual or organization that has demonstrated consistent support of the Association, its goals and objectives, and the profession through services rendered to the industry, sponsorship of AHDI events and projects, and/or contribution of content expertise and leadership in key AHDI initiatives.

Congratulations: Kathryn Martin, AHDI-F

Lifetime Achievement

This award serves to recognize an individual who has made significant contributions to the Association and industry over the course of his/her professional career and has left a resonating footprint on the Association and its members. This highest honor bestowed by AHDI is awarded by the AHDI National Leadership Board.

Congratulations: Susan M. Pierce, CMT, AHDI-F, Awarded Posthumously