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Purpose of this project

It is a concern of AHDI that medical transcription professionals are often viewed by their employers and the clients they serve as keyboard specialists who have a familiarity with medical terminology which enables them to transcribe dictated reports for an originator's signature.

In contrast, it is the view of AHDI that keyboarding and transcription should not be confused. Medical transcription involves translation from oral to written in order to generate a record of a patient's healthcare documentation. AHDI views medical transcription as a medical language specialty which requires medical knowledge and understanding, sound judgment, deductive reasoning, and the ability to detect inconsistencies in medical dictation.

In an effort to elevate perceptions of the medical transcription profession, AHDI contacted Hay Management Consultants, a worldwide human resources consulting firm with extensive expertise in work analysis and job measurement. AHDI asked Hay to:

  • provide AHDI with an independent, third-party analysis of the work performed within the medical transcription profession today
  • make recommendations regarding professional levels into which the work might be logically divided
  • conduct a market survey to obtain information regarding pay practices for medical transcription professionals in today's market

Part I of the Hay Study, "Analysis of Current Work Practices in the Medical Transcription Profession: Findings and Recommendations," was published in early 1999.

Part II of the Hay Study, "Compensation for Medical Transcriptionists," has also been published and distributed to AHDI members in the last two months of 1999.

Copies of Part II of the Hay Study are available now. Please log in and reference the Members Only content box to download your copy.

This study cost AHDI approximately $70,000. The 1998 House of Delegates special session for component association leaders challenged components and members to help raise the funds needed to complete this project. Contributions can be made in any amount and should be mailed to AHDI, 4230 Kiernan Ave. #130, Modesto, CA 95356. Or fax your credit card contribution to AHDI, 209-527-9633. Donations to AHDI are not deductible as a charitable contribution for federal income tax purposes, but may be deductible as a business expense.

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