ASTM Standards in the Medical Transcription Industry Minimize

Within the medical transcription industry and in healthcare documentation, the lack of standardization of our systems and our processes, challenges us all - the users, practitioners, vendors, healthcare providers, and patients. Standardization is important in our professional and personal lives. When we make purchasing decisions for standardized items, we can do so with confidence that they will fit and work for our needs. Imagine how complicated it would be if faxes could only be sent and received specific to the same manufacturer, or email could only be sent and received specific to the same internet provider service. Standards allow for systems, regardless of the manufacturer, to work together. In order to provide procedural consistency and proficiency in performance, processes can also be standardized. This saves time and aggravation, rather than repeatedly taking resources to re-invent the wheel.

The ASTM subcommittee E31.22 Health Information Transcription and Documentation was formed in 1995, with the scope to develop standards for the systems, processes, and management of medical transcription and its integration with other modalities of report generation. Since its inception, this subcommittee has created important standards that are useful and significant to the medical transcription industry and in healthcare documentation.

This standards developed within E31.22 represent the collaboration and hard work of many dedicated volunteers with a wide diversity of experiences and skills, committed to making a difference in our industry.

For more information about ASTM membership, go to ASTM International Technical Committee E31.

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