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AHDI creates initiatives and special interest groups to keep an eye on critical trends in the industry and works toward educating our members and stakeholder groups about those trends - establishing guidelines, standards, and documentation to assist in those goals where appropriate. AHDI constantly monitors trends, practices and emerging technologies that have the potential to alter or shape the profession and its practitioners.


Per the Transcription Futures Group report found here, changes in technology will be the single greatest driver of change in healthcare documentation over the next decade and beyond. Understanding how emerging technologies will impact medical transcription and practitioners is a critical focus of our organization.

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Leadership Dialogue around Industry Trends

The AHDI Board of Directors is actively engaged in collaborative dialogue with association members and industry stakeholders on a wide array of relevant industry topics, trends, and evolving challenges. Click below to download and read available letters in the “Let’s Talk About” open letter series and learn more about how to participate and engage in blog discussions, online Town Hall meetings, and face-to-face events.