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AHDI welcomes industry contributions, and all submissions for publication are welcome for review and consideration by the editor and the AHDI Research and Development Team. Any individual or group interested in submitting an article or column content should download and follow the guidelines for submission:

Author's Guide

Plexus has established themes for each issue. This means that we are looking for contributions in those key areas for publication. If you are considering submitting content for consideration, we encourage you to download and evaluate the media kit for Plexus for the current year to assess if and where your content can be utilized to meet the editorial needs of the publication:

Plexus Editorial Calendar for 2015

If you feel that your contribution has met the guidelines for publication and appropriately addresses an upcoming theme in either publication, download the author agreement below and return it, per instructions on the form, to the Editor.

Author’s Agreement

From time to time, AHDI also seeks industry experts to provide editorial review of materials being developed for formal publication. If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please email the Editor for more information:

Kristin Wall, CMT, AHDI-F