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AHDI recommends that a medical transcription educational program…


  • be taught by qualified instructors who are credentialed experts in their respective fields
  • employ certified medical transcriptionists to teach medical transcription practice courses
  • be based on The Model Curriculum for Medical Transcription*, 4th edition, published by AHDI, which recommends courses in the following:
    • English grammar and punctuation
    • medical language
    • anatomy and physiology
    • disease processes
    • pharmacology and laboratory medicine
    • transcription technology
    • medical transcription practice
    • healthcare records
    • privacy, ethics, and other medicolegal issues
  • indicate the number of classroom hours students actually perform medical transcription
  • indicate the number of minutes of actual physician dictation used for practice (The Model Curriculum recommends 30 dictated hours of actual physician dictation.)
  • indicate length of externship or on-the-job experience available (The Model Curriculum recommends 10 dictated hours of authentic physician dictation, for a total of 40 dictated hours during the training program.)
  • include relevant publications among its educational materials
  • incorporate The Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 3rd Edition
  • provide names and addresses of current and/or former students who have given permission to be contacted as references
  • have an advisory board that includes certified medical transcriptionists
  • offer assistance with job placement

*The Model Curriculum for Medical Transcription, 4th edition, was written in cooperation with medical transcription educators and managers. It includes competencies, objectives, and prerequisites for 14 different courses and is designed to assist teachers in developing their educational programs. Download the Model Curriculum, 4th Edition.


Evaluate the Advertising


  • Advertisements for medical transcription educational programs appear in many popular magazines, on television, and elsewhere.
  • If the advertising mentions the career of medical transcription, it should accurately represent the profession as a medical language specialty requiring a substantial educational investment.
  • If the advertising describes medical transcription as a home-based business opportunity, it should indicate the need for additional training and management to prepare for operating a business.
  • If the advertising suggests potential income, a reference source for the amount should be cited.
  • The advertising for some educational programs focuses solely on medical transcription as a work-at-home opportunity. While many transcription employers allow their transcriptionists to work from home, home-based opportunities for new program graduates may be limited. The desire to work at home should not be considered sufficient reason to enter this challenging profession. We encourage you to consider educational programs whose advertising emphasizes excellence in medical transcription, rather than simply focusing on the possibility of working at home.
  • If the advertising refers to “certification,” the school should make clear that it is referring to a “certificate of course completion” and not the recognized professional designation of RMT (registered medical transcriptionist) or CMT (certified medical transcriptionist), which can be obtained only through successful completion of the certification examination administered by AHDI. (Only transcriptionists with at least 2 years of acute-care transcription experience are eligible to sit for the CMT examination.)



Approved Schools


In the fall of 2005, the Approval Committee for Certificate Programs, a joint committee established by AHDI and AHIMA (American Health Information Management Association), established an approval process for medical transcription education programs whose curriculum conforms to the AHDI Model Curriculum.

Detailed information about program approval can be found here.

Each approved school has demonstrated excellence in its program and has established a strong record of job placement for its graduates through its contacts with employers in the industry.

Approved Education Programs.

The names of additional approved programs will be added to this list and published on the AHDI web site as approval is granted.


AHDI Educational Member Directory


This directory is a list of members in the Educational category for AHDI. Membership requires only payment of membership dues. This list in no way represents an endorsement for these programs by AHDI.

AHDI Educational Member Directory


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Revised February 2009

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