Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity of Washington   AHDI

Note from the President

Happy New Year everyone! I am excited and proud to have been elected your 2012 President for the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity of Washington (AHDI-WA). I have been active in AHDI-WA since I was a student of MTEC back in 2006 and have also served in leadership roles for the Greater Puget Sound Chapter (GPSC). I know some of you personally and have yet to meet many of you, and I look forward to getting to know you all better this upcoming year.

As you have noticed, we spent 2011 being dormant as we awaited the changes to the AHDI National Leadership Structure. However, I want to reassure you that as you, our membership, voted to keep AHDI-WA going, we your newly elected board have a jam packed year to offer you!

Here’s just an overview of what to expect this upcoming year:

· Meet & Greets – We hope to host 4 meet and greets throughout the state, 1 every quarter. We will be introducing the new Strategic Initiative Focus Groups (SIFGs) as well as offering a speaker or two for CECs and plenty of networking opportunities. As details of dates, locations, and speakers become available, we will be sending out announcements.

· Webinars – We are organizing a series of 6 webinars, roughly 1 every other month on topics that are relevant, timely, and also offer you the ability to earn CECs. We will be scheduling these at different times and different days. Again watch out for announcements on details of topics, dates, and times.

· Annual Symposium – as always look out for information on our Annual Symposium this fall.

In addition, we are always looking for passionate volunteers. So if you are seeking opportunities to volunteer, but you are not sure what to do, I would love to hear from you also. Currently, we are actively seeking volunteers who would like to help us put together a quarterly newsletter, mentor students/postgrads or to lead an RMT/CMT study group. If you are interested in stepping forward in one of these rolls, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As your president, I always look forward to hearing from you. Do you have an idea for a webinar topic that you want to hear about? If we haven’t visited your area in the past and desire face to face networking opportunities and know other MTs in your area that also long for this as well, let us know – we might be able to schedule a Meet and Greet in your area. We can only better serve you by getting your feedback, and I am committed to responding to you within 24-48 hours of receiving your email. For any feedback, please contact me at

Thank you, and again I look forward to serving as your President.


Corinna Frenzl