AHDI-WA NEWS - A message from AHDI-WEST, April 10, 2015


The 8 great states of AHDI-West

Over the past few years, it has become harder and harder for components to stay viable.  We, at AHDI-West, feel we have been truly fortunate to have such an energetic, involved leadership and membership.

We were recently notified by the AHDI-WA (Washington state AHDI component) Board of Directors of their need to dissolve the component. According to our bylaws, the AHDI-West membership voted to accept the merger, effective April  6, 2015, expanding our regional borders to include Washington as our 8th state.

We, the AHDI-West 2015 Board of Governors (BOG), welcome the members of Washington into the AHDI-West component.  We welcome your ideas, energy and passion for the industry and our programs. Together, we can accomplish many things and offer the membership the ability to share in the wealth of opportunities we extend to the AHDI-West component and beyond. This merger also affords us the involvement of many dedicated and respected leaders and members from Washington.  We extend our commitment to open communication and availability to all of you.  If you wish to reach any of our BOG members, please refer to the Contact Us page at www.AHDI-West.org.  

Feel free to write a COMMENT and share your thoughts. 

STAY TUNED...We are updating the AHDI-West logo and developing a new website design.  

For any members who can attend the Portland Symposium on May 30th, we will have a special celebration to commemorate this addition to the AHDI-West family.  

For more information regarding the dissolution of AHDI-WA, contact Georgia Green, CMT, at president@ahdi-wa.org.