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CHDS Credentialing Study Course

The CHDS Study Course is a 12-week level 2 preparatory course consisting of weekly reading assignments and exercises along with supplemental quizzes* to test your knowledge. Participants will spend time reviewing and understanding the CHDS exam blue prints as well as studying level 2 clinical medicine concepts by specialty, health information technology, and speech recognition technology. The final two weeks of the course will be spent on practicing critical thinking and accuracy as well as applied transcription and editing skills.

All parties in the study course should be committed to following the schedule outlined and completing the course work in order to achieve the best results and to be as prepared as possible prior to sitting for the CHDS exam.

*While the CHDS practice test questions at the end of the course do align with the current exam blue print objectives, supplemental weekly quiz questions have not been mapped to the blue print objectives but should be used to test your knowledge and identify any areas where additional study may be needed.

Required Texts: Participants need to secure their products prior to the start of the study course:

  1. CMT Exam Guide:  A Walk Through the Blue Print (CHDS Ready), McSwain, et al. (AHDI)
  2. CMT Exam Guide:  A Walk Through the Audio Objectives (CHDS Ready), L. Sims. (AHDI)
  3. Advanced Medical Transcription: Critical Thinking in Healthcare Documentation, L. Bryan. (Pearson) ISBN 0133095827
  4. The Book of Style for Medical Transcription, 3rd edition, L. Sims. (AHDI)
  5. Technology for the Medical Transcriptionist, L. Bryan. (Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins)

Registration: Registration for each monthly course is open from the 1st through the 25th of the month prior to the start of the course you want to take. Participates will register on the AHDI website at www.ahdionline.org. Participants will be given access the first day of the month following the close of registration and will have access for 12 weeks.

Course Overview


Time Commitment
Approximately 15 hours per week for the 12-week course commitment.

$35 Eligible Members
$50 List Price
Refunds cannot be given after the close of registration for each class cycle.

Delivery of Program
Participants register and pay for the courses on the AHDI website. Before the course cycle begins, participants will be issued a website URL, a username, and a password to access the course website on an established e-learning platform where the AHDI online education courses are hosted. Once you have received confirmation of your registration from AHDI, you will normally not receive any further communication. You can log into the course by following the login instructions explained below.

CHDS Study Course Schedule

Registration for each month is available the preceding month through the 25th. Participants will be given access the first day of the month following the close of registration and will have access for 12 weeks.


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After Registration

Once you have registered and the course has started, you will follow the link to AHDI's training system http://www.ahdionline.org/Moodle/ in order to access the course. The username is your eight-digit customer number or AHDI member number. The password is your five-digit zip code. You will only be able to log in once the course has started.