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The healthcare documentation industry has an important message: Accurate Health Records Save Lives!


AHDI's Role

AHDI sets and upholds standards of practice in the field of healthcare documentation to ensure the highest level of quality, privacy, and security of health information. Complete, accurate medical records are vital to increasing patient safety, improving quality of care, and the seamless functioning of the healthcare system.


Healthcare Documentation Specialists and Evolving Roles

The healthcare documentation specialist works in partnership with clinicians to ensure accurate documentation of health records that reflect a patient’s full medical history, making it easier to identify—and correct—inconsistencies that could compromise future care.


The methods by which healthcare documentation is created have certainly changed over the years—from handwritten notes, to dictated/transcribed notes, to the use of back-end and then front-end speech recognition, to what it is today, a mix of different modalities within the EHR. As the demand on clinicians to create their own documentation increased, the need for traditional healthcare documentation specialists decreased. Medical secretary, medical transcriptionist, medical editor, medical language specialist, and healthcare documentation specialist are just a few of the many titles we have held over the years in response to industry changes. Some chose to expand their skills in response to those changes and transitioned into relevant roles like document integrity auditor, scribe, coder, informaticist, etc. Regardless of the specific role you play or the specific title you hold, AHDI welcomes all who have the potential to impact a patient’s care within today’s electronic health record because our goal remains the same: preserve patients’ stories while ensuring the integrity, accuracy, and quality of their healthcare records. We must join forces and work together toward this goal.


What You Can Do to Help

Speak up! Share with everyone you know—the public, policymakers, medical professionals, and C-suite management where you work about the role healthcare documentation specialists play in promoting patient well-being and safeguarding against medical errors.


Download our Mission-Critical Talking Points for quick reference “on the go” and learn more detailed information on the following pages:


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