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New Professionals Alliance
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Transition: Noun: Passage from one position, state, etc., to another (Webster’s 4th Edition)

Preparing yourself for the future in the constantly changing clinical documentation landscape can be daunting. The New Professionals Alliance is a bridge to help you make the transition from healthcare documentation student to practitioner with support and encouragement from each other and from your Association. With tips on study skills, links to essential resources, networking and career-building tools, members of the NPA share their knowledge and experiences in an ongoing dialog with each other and with AHDI staff and leadership. The NPA reaches out to students, newly employed professionals, and all individuals new to the documentation field to address the needs and challenges they face. The NPA also supports and promotes lifelong learning through certification. Join us and take another step forward on your journey to a fulfilling career.

OWLS Academy

The OWLS Academy has been developed especially for students and new professionals, to help them prepare for a career in healthcare documentation through training that focuses on professional skills and knowledge required to be part of the healthcare documentation workforce. The Academy aims to broaden students’ knowledge, understanding, and experience inside and outside of the classroom setting. Click here to explore the OWLS Academy (members only; must be signed in to access these pages).

New Professionals’ Viewpoint

“As a newbie looking for a job and as an ex-librarian I am so glad that I am not the only information junky out there. Since taking my classes I have created a large collection of web sources as well as books. I … have created a book of words that I seem to have the most trouble with. Even if I know them but I draw a blank I just pick up my notebook and look and there is my word. I also have made a deal with myself that when I get my first job that I will only spend 5 minutes looking for the needed information. I hope that I have the will power to stick to it. I just love researching and finding out new information.” – Kathleen L

Resource Materials

Remember that the discussions within these sites are often written by non-professionals, so spellings and usages should be cross-checked with professional medical references.

Top 200 Prescription Drugs

This list, compiled by Prescription Drug-Info.com (“The People’s Medicine Community”) will help new professionals to identify most-frequently prescribed drugs and may be particularly useful for individuals studying for the RHDS exam.

Monthly Prescribing Reference
This site presents a wealth of information about prescription drugs, including a “New Product of the Week” feature, an RSS feed, and applications for a variety of mobile devices.

The Speech Accent Archive
This fascinating site, though not specifically using medical vocabulary, provides a valuable insight into how speakers of various languages pronounce English. Go to the Browse section, click on Language/Speakers, and find the accent of your favorite ESL dictators.

Session Recordings

These recordings from AHDI’s Annual Convention and Expo provide a valuable selection of topics about the healthcare documentation industry, medical language, and advances in technology and clinical medicine.

Model Job Descriptions

Here you will find what typical scopes of work are for medical transcriptionists, editors, and others in healthcare documentation.

EHR Future Roles Survey

Bentley University researchers teamed up with AHDI to develop and conduct a survey of EHR future roles to provide a perspective into the roles and responsibilities fulfilled by the different professionals in the EHR process life-cycle.

Speech Recognition Technology

Use this important information to understand the types of SRT being used today, as well as trends in SRT editing and compensation for HDSs working as SRT editors.

Training Courses

Here you’ll find an extensive list of courses available from AHDI and OAK Horizons addressing topics such as building specialty skills, preparing for certification examinations, and understanding the electronic health record.

Credentialing Candidate Guide

The Candidate Guide contains everything new professionals need to know to prepare for the important step of credentialing as they move forward in their careers.


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